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Richard Dawkins was on Facebook the other day, wishing Lawrence Krauss a happy birthday — and in light of the recent sexual nuisance allegations against Krauss, received a fair amount of vitriol in response.

This whole thing is something that's really bugging me... The stuff he's accused of — and has done an iffy and arrogant job of addressing — paints him as a creep with poor respect for women, and from what I can find out, it does appear that the allegations are fairly valid. Frankly, I am so bloody disappointed in the bloke, yet I respect his ability as a teacher and enjoy his work.

People such as Sam Harris and Matt Dullahunty have stood up and said screw the guy — we're never working with him again, but here I am, dithering over separating a person's art from their deeds... There's plenty of folk who have been utter arseholes in their actions, yet have bought great pleasure to others in their output (John Lennon, fr'instance). But if I'm unwilling to shun Krauss and never buy his books again, am I giving some kind of approval to his behaviour?

What about you? Are you ever willing to listen to what he has to say as a teacher? I could do with some more viewpoints to help me inform my own.

DaveMania 6 May 30

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You're correct. One has to have a sense of proportion as well. Harris often talks about that, but this is one area in which he has no sense of it (and I'm a huge Harris fan, and supporter). I recently bought a book by Krauss. It's as good now as it was 5 months ago before the accusations came to light.


Dawkins has a history of misogyny. He's a douchebag, which is a real shame because I admire his intellect.

There are some great guys in atheism. And some not so great ones.. This article is a long read, but it's interesting:



I was unsure what to make of Krauss when that shit went down. Then, a lot of other professors came out saying they were surprised he didn’t get fired sooner for his behavior. So, fuck him. We don’t need someone like that as a spokesperson for Atheists. Same with David Silverman.

Marz Level 7 May 30, 2018

I think I'll leave the law to deal with Lawrence Krauss. So many people refuse to enjoy good artists - writers like James Joyce, poets like Dylan Thomas, movie-makers like Woody Allen, and of course Krauss with his wonderful book A Universe From Nothing. The singer/songwriter James Taylor once quipped in concert that 'it pays us not to know each other too well'. I accept their art separate from their personal lives.

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