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So I've noticed the lack of people my age. People in their 20s. I made this poll for fun just to see how it turns out. Vote your age.

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rryy44nn 4 May 30

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It's much easier for twenty-somethings to connect on real life than for fifty-and-up-somethings. Our generation is more sure about what we DON'T want, too.

Deb57 Level 8 May 31, 2018

So far it looks like you're right about the age range not being favorable to the 20s. Time to share agnostic with some of your friends online

Great response!


I know circumstances & geography varies, but I would think folk in their 20's wouldn't need a 'dating site' as much as perhaps us older folk would.

If I was in my 20's again I probably wouldn't be online all the time like I do now.


No vote, if you don't like the company.... door is open, return when you feel you belong.

@rryy44nn I didn't take any offence. I welcome the input from someone your age.

@bingst I was going to tell him to stick around, we might need a consultant!

@btroje haha

@bingst You know how is going to be, will try to separate us by age group. At his age I didn't needed this place.

@GipsyOfNewSpain Who is going to try separating us by age? I don't think this at all. I think it's a good thing to have a better mix of ages. In fact, I think we miss out by not having that better mix.

@bingst So why the Census and the Bitching?

@GipsyOfNewSpain The census makes sense. I've noticed a lack of younger folks here. I took what @rryy44nn said in the original post as observation, not bitching.


just turned 26 last month. you're not alone

Tejas Level 6 May 30, 2018

50s. Yea.


If the internet existed when I was your age, I would have been on it.


I don't see an option for "chronologically youngish curmudgeon" on there. That would be me. 🙂


I think most youngins have not been confronted enough with bullshit that they have started questioning its validity.
I just ignored the in-laws' church silliness. The wife didn't really seem to care.
I came form a non-sunday-go-to-meeting family. So, i did not go.
I did have a couple of confrontations with a couple of the more addled. But,...

Since then, i have been blessed with a life not immersed in stupid. Even those around us that attend church do not proselytize.


Things will change. It just takes time.

I hated clicking that 50s button. 😟


Looks like a lot of Gen Xers (like myself) in here. Yay for the disgruntled generation!


I too have noticed a lack of younger folks. Any ideas why that might be?

They are on other platforms. Ista, Snap, twitch, OR trying to not starve to death.

Yes, better things to do than hanging out here or don't 20 years old people go anywhere?


I remember most of my 20's.
Even the stuff I wish I wouldnt.

Snort!!! Lol

That's because you didn't drink/smoke enough to forget.

Oh...not so sure about that.

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