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I'M SORT OF LBERAL COLLEGE EDUCATED (PACCH &sOCIAL MA-LEVELWORKand am sort of stuck here in maricopa AZ. Didn't want to move here but the other halfbut aplace and hear I ma lonely, somewhat depresed-I am married but don't feel like I have awife; NO intimacy at all in many years are like a brother and wet blanket sister so I'd like to have some lady freinds,platonic or otherwise-also I always have trouble up loading photo so pease be patient with that part, but I am healthy, half way decent looking am into being spanked waremly Till quitre red but not especially spanking others, but can be a switch- am also rock hound who is trust worthy helpful friendly curteus kind: and all the things I learned in boy scouts and life a'm a warm caring and underatnding guy, but I need someone who'll give me a try. i'm uptront sbout who I Iam nof a romantic; but am sort of lost. My family live on the East coast and when I view my contempT for fundamentalist anvengellical conservate thinking. They became"Nasty"
since I voiced this this on facebook my son who lives a few state north of here began i get nasty calls from alll over the nation. Ican be viewed on my facebook timeline- a foor note I lievd o adairy for more tan few years and mostly milked cows while I was in my first couple of years in Sanya Rosa, commiunty College ear later wwent t B.S.U in Idaho and some coleges is Eastern Washingto (Sokane area) I.m into spiritualit, philosopical issues-and ROCK HOUNDING in deserts and other places

CurtisConner 3 Dec 21

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Now I don't usually tell peoplethis so easily, but my whole life I ve ben needing a woman to talktome ather motherly like with tlc as she leads to the subject odf things I almost go in troube for. and sheges an impinment and says wahat you ned is a darn good andproper old fshion spanking, the after she carry's it out and my rear is quite red and warm we cuddle and hug and may exchange some gentle kisse. SO this my haunt tha I am sharing with you. What the worstthing thta haapen was a sieter was reading my strct womwn spanking mne. And she made abig deal about it and all her friends finding out that he bothers a pervert all my "CHRISIAN Friends wre shaming me and it got sort of ughly. My feelings were really hurt and I wondered how long she had been reading my short paragraphs. It was lie someone sneeking intoaaDiary thatt didn't belong to them. YES Iwas hurt and offended and it still hurts and that's waht led me to join this site. The sanctimonious bull shit that was being laid onme. and if this was tue about needing some tlc and a darn good otk spanking-It's menat likr with dgity and respecr for a ladyI would want astreet pickup as I don't like to see others or me viewing as objects. Tha why had to mention this with the tocin and underatndingg thta's part of my fantasy life-sswhenI w a boys= I had no real affection was often called a little bastard, like my fther, so wishing for a fantasy family gave me hope. but images of ladies lie nchurchor my 19 year old daisy mae may type spanked her niece over one leg of herlap-then looked at men and said dryly. THis is wahtsomebody else needs and my brain was saying pleasepleaseplease WE wre in a place where the smell of fresh growning corn was in the air ahe shewas wearing these ver short frayw=ed cut offs. SO who woldn't have had some sortof flash before him that eventuallwas another haunt-yes I guess Ihave a naunted brain and a wishfl hoping mind to get it outof mysystem as this need still hurts my stoache when I think about my emotioal drivating (also caled by someas maternal deprivation so I need a coreectibve relationship and that's why I'm saying my name and photo si on myh FB timeline;if anyone would lik todo somemessaging. I'd appreciate some udertanding. I hope thid soen't sounnd like a sob story-Ijust shareing-that which iis gooby for now I need to have somelap therapy that may never happen and Ihave to make peace with it..


Okay a song I used to teachkids it'd cslled sa thumpkin akasoething) the charcter talks with a lipth. SO thr thongoes goethe every bodies gotta thumkin every bodies got a thumkin. and what ith a fiend he ith thumbody who kowth about youi thun=k kin snf loths you just the tame. Ya see i have workedmnay years with children trying to promote non violence and self feelings. SO anyway get every boddy in you ofice to thing it, but when they look confused I tell them thee now we canall behappy togther. Rembera thumkin ith wah w=everbody hath. without yourthimkinwe'd all be juth the thamed tho be happy withyour thumkin, bt what if you came home with happiness all over tyou and your smilng and you mom says look at you and thes your notmy kids hoe could you dare come home ith hapiness all over you anyway so the gaame may ggoe on. like blowing up a ballonn as big an an elephant until it pops and we got hapiness all over us. Now would tht be happy or thad? anyway the fact thta I've worked withkidand try to keep in on a spiritaul level hs helped my own spiritual level. Ya see I am also a profession al character claasy hobo clown with the name DOC. So is thith a comment or not?

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