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Sometimes life just throws a big pile of shit at you and then laughs.

I'm homeless for two weeks (not living in the streets homeless - displaced homeless). Damn! One of these days I really will learn not to trust anyone. Not even people I share blood with.

I will come out on top. I just need to get through these next 2 weeks.

tryingcake 7 June 2

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I hope you are able to resolve your issues. Remember my favorite saying -- that which doesn't kill me makes me stranger. (no, that isn't a typo!) All the best.

0 how is it going?

I'm coasting. Still reeling from the who and the what. But coasting.


Thank you, everyone. I'm in a hotel and hanging in there. I have accepted someone's offer that is very close by. I will go there tomorrow. This will allow me to gather my life and not be rushed, to think clearly. I was thrown for a loop. I will come out on top.


ive been there and it sucks. you seem like a strong woman and you will make it through this. if i were closer i would offer you my couch...


It sounds like you're going through a very trying time. I wish you strength, persistence and courage.


That has to be very stressful. I have worried about that my whole life.


That stinks. We'll be pulling for you.


Family can be a big disappointment and still we expect so much from them. In Dante's Inferno, he puts betrayers in the lowest circle of hell.


Good luck!


Stay strong. I know you can do it.


Good luck...


That’s not a good feeling. Hopefully you have a friend or two who have a comfy couch. I hope you can find a new place soon. I’d offer you a room here, but it’s really far away and my dog is a bit of a terror.


Yep me three. Good luck.


I have an extra room if you need a place to crash, no strings attached.



Keep your head up and stay positive. It's been my experience that things always work out one way or another. Often not how you expect them too but many times better than you could have imagined. Just remember stressing over it won't fix it. Just address what you can and let the cards fall where they fall.

Keep us updated!


Good luck. Be strong.

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