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The true meaning of God is us, we are god, we are from energy of that moment of creation. Their is no physical god, but it’s just a aspect of energy within us all, we all have to find that energy within us. We are all one so we are all connected. Look outside rewritten books claiming a drunk bearded man healed all and claimed he was the son of god. We need to approach life at a better intellectual state rather than force lies. The ancients worshipped the sunrise and sun down. Then many religions decided to change that meaning themselves, hypocritical world we live in. As me I’m just seeking knowledge and understanding, theirs definitely been aliens on our planet during times, mankind has been influenced somehow and our minds are definitely connected to s multiple universe of some sortve dimensional displacement. But until I find the answers I live, laugh, and love.

Freethinker420 3 June 4

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God is a creation of man and man only. It's been a running gag for ever. Example below, the Creation of Adam by Michaelangelo highlights this joke. God does not physically touch Adam, meaning there is no direct evidence of God then God is engulfed in a shroud that has the shape of the brain and brain stem. Michaelangelo was a renown anatomist (like DaVinci). He is telling the gullible that God is a figment of man's imagination. Mysticism in all it's forms is a brain fart. You claim that you believe in science yet you offer no evidence so your claim is a belief instead. You may imagine this all makes sense in a 420 trip but try to build an evidence ladder will elude you.


You sound like a neighbor ?⭐



"...definitely been aliens..." "...mankind has been influenced..." and "...definitely connected to s universe..." and then go on to say "until I find the answers"

It would appear from the above that you already have the answers. The wrong ones, but answers none the less.

If you had verifiable evidence for alien visitation, I suspect that you would be a famous scientist who is published around the world.


The aliens part is suspect (referring to intelligent alien lifeforms), but I like your enthusiasm. Continue your search and have fun.

I agree it’s suspect but it’s compellingly a interest more so, not a believe. It hasn’t been proven but ancient prolongs interest me dearly.


I didn't read allll of ur post, but i feel like i kinda get you dude


You arent far off - God is the energy of the Universe - it did create us. 1 Universe - infinite and eternal. You have a good attitude - good luck!

gater Level 7 June 4, 2018

Thank you!!



I'm wondering how you come to the conclusion that there have "definitely" been aliens on our planet. Can you provide evidence for that claim?

Just the way the pyramids were built, the cave paintings these people drew what they saw. The pyramids are very symmetrical and precise, plus they are everywhere in human cultures. It’s just a theory but from what I see it’s compeling

@Freethinker420 First, you should use the word hypothesis rather than theory since the latter means a wealth of compelling evidence and facts while the former means a hunch.
Second, the pyramid form is the easiest natural form to build after a pile/mound of earth. Although massive and intricate, a modern building, including the World Trade Center Tower, were infinitely more complex than the pyramids. If we dig up a light multi-story building that is more than 5000 years then I will consider aliens came among us.


Free thinking free thoughts are good, if you don’t like it then good for you. You misunderstood clearly my message, I’m a more science based person. I don’t believe in god,but I clearly think we are all connected from creation. The other shit well Ill hopefully find answers, cause if their a god well I simply say you fooled me. We are that energy, I’m not trying to enforce any thing down anyone’s throat, I’m just expressing how I feel, love is the answer to all things. There is some sortve connection and these damn religious sanctions are destroying peoples minds into making them think some prayers will help you.

? wisdom ?

Thats not wisdom, thats just thinking stupid things aloud !

Thats not wisdom, thats just thinking stupid things aloud !


I "need" to find that energy?! Says who?

Not telling you to!!! I’m claiming once you do it’s enlightening!!! I’m not referring to god as the bullshit other religions do. I’m saying it’s misinterpreted, We are the energy throughout the make up of the stars, I’m more of a science based person, not only have I seen things, I suffer from sleep paralysis so I question how in-depth our minds go. So it’s a personal question I have. We came from something, whether it be metaphysical, god like deity, or many chapters of our selves theirs something.


Are you for real ?

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