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I'm pleased to report that I've now met in person a couple of guys from this site, had an enjoyable time although it's probably not going to go any further however I can say that both of them looked like their picture and have honestly represented themselves on here. Not your average dating site 🙂

psycheworks 8 June 4

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Now I;m jealous. LOL

Aww don't be jealous

@psycheworks Only one I've met up with from here was a right nut. You need to move closer, 😉

@Savage What makes you think I'd be any better LOL!

@psycheworks I'm a sucker for punishment. Though you've said you're not a drinker so no way could you be in the same league. And you're far too bright. 😉

@Savage why thank you 🙂


I had 2 great dates with a man I really like. We met here and learned quickly we have a lot in common. He showed a lot of interest too and we planned to see each other again after spending a Friday and the following Monday having a great time together. After a couple days not hearing from him I texted him, revealing hurt feelings for not having heard from him in a couple days; apparently this was, to him, pushy, clingy behavior and I had not "earned" the right to "expect" to hear from him in 2 days. He then conducted a site survey here to get thoughts on the "normal" amount of time that should pass immediately after meeting someone, before they expect to hear from you. Needless to say, I don't expect to see him again and I find it l


@Ronni There's only one I ever failed to dodge - from a 9mm Browning.

@FallenAngel63 seriously you have had a lucky escape I know it wasn't nice but those types never are however it might help to know that it's not personal and they can't help themselves either, better luck in future x

@psycheworks thank you.

That sucks that you had to go through that, but at the same time it sounds good that you saw this in the beginning stages of dating him.

@balou I let it go but he started texting me last night, said I owed him an apology for my "stupid rant" and for embarrassing him with my responses to his post about my expectations. I suggested he find another woman to play with, he says"I have a woman -- you ain't shit" Isn't that a kick!? I blocked him on my phone so now he is sending nasty msgs on FB Messenger. Blocked again! He seemed so cool at first LOL LIVE AND LEARN ?

@FallenAngel63 wow! That guy has some issues! Good thing you got out!

@FallenAngel63 very very lucky escape from a narcisisst


of guys? you got a list you're working through?




Hopefully you have already told them that you don't think it will go any further. Otherwise, they just found out in an awkward way 😐

lol I had that thought too!!

@joeymf86 I'm pretty sure it's apparent to them before I made this post and not in a bad way 🙂



Coldo Level 8 June 4, 2018



You cannot have too many "flesh and blood" friends. Hooray for this site.

True enough @Petter I love making new contacts and friends in the flesh 🙂


the mystery of how women choose us Atheist men continues...I too had a couple "dates" but nothing further towards a poltical romance as I desire


Glad you’ve had an honest experience, and maybe made some new friends. Good luck with the ongoing search for something more!

Jumbo Level 4 June 4, 2018

Thanks @Jumbo


Let this be a lesson for you men here. There will be public After Action Report ... Make us proud 🙂

@jujuofthesea just sayin ... 🙂

@Mike007 hahaha!

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