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What was the last film or movie you watched on the big screen?

Ravenwolfcasey 7 June 4

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Did you like it?

@Ravenwolfcasey I thought it was so so. Although I like films about things that happened in my life time.


A walk in the woods


The professor and his wonder women


Think it was Interstellar or The Martian, I don't go to the cinema much anymore.


The last film I saw was "Adrift" but there was an alarm and the theater shut I missed the last 40 minutes of was really good and I plan on seeing it fully later this week


Solo: Star Wars story
was a flop, don't waste your money.

I saw was least entertaining..but I was unhappy with the storyline a bit

@Ravenwolfcasey It had lots of action, but I thought it lacked character.

@MichaelCole2 agree


6 Souls

Ohh what's this? How was it

@Ravenwolfcasey A man can suck the souls out of people and assume their personalities. It was a horror story but no blood and guts. It was OK.

@buzz13 interesting


Deadpool 2 - and it was EPIC!

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