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Took a walk down to the river to see how it was after the heavy rains last night...the water had receded quite a bit from this morning, but was still pretty high...

Free_2B_Me 7 June 4

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Watch out for sinkholes be safe comrade


You are so fortunate...I'm just a little envious to put it mildly..

Yes, l got really lucky to find this place...(just wish l had better neighbors...)

Oh dear..sorry to hear that. I have great neighbours it must be said.


Oh my! You have a river next to your house? Geeze... that's so cool.

I love it too...?


What river is that? Which is worse...drought or flood?

North Fork of the San Gabriel River....drought is always worse...can't go fishing in a puddle!


More rain coming?

Not that l know of...


Photos not wanting to load on this particular post for some reason...


Nice🙂 looks calming

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