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Do you enjoy it when a Christian knocks at your door?

I think of it as sport, and always bring my kjv bible with me. while it is a love hate bag of mixed feeling, because I wish they would stop pushing this lie door to door, I use it as an opportunity to educate them on their bible.

By MichaelSpinler
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Better still is to go to the house(s) of Jehova's Witness(es) at 3 AM and yell at the top of your lungs


(The ones at my door don't like it when I tell them I've read too much of the Bible to ever be a Christian.)

mrzonk Level 2 Oct 2, 2017

Not really. I find it irritating. First of all, I don't like people knocking on my door period unless I'm expecting them. But second, they're not going to convert me, so it's a waste of my time and theirs.

ErichZannIII Level 7 Oct 2, 2017

I have only had the mormon kids ever come to the door, and I actually like to take the time to talk to them. For what it is, while the religious end of their beliefs are beyond ridiculous to me, the kids doing the missionary work are usually pretty genuinely decent people- just a bit on the misguided side. Most of them have been happy to sit and talk with me, because I will let them do their "pitch" and then discuss with them my feelings on religion. It is insane to me the idea that atheists are somehow immoral or lacking in purpose simply due to not having a god to answer to. My morals don't come from a fear of a hell or a heavenly reward- if these things are all that keeps you from being a horrible person then you are the one lacking humanity. I do my best to treat people as I would like to be treated, and do pretty well unless I'm dealing with a real ass hat at which point respect goes out the window.
These mormon kids have been brought up indoctrinated so deeply that they are out there in unfamiliar places knocking on doors to save souls, most paying their own way to do it. Slamming the door or being combative with them just furthers that belief that we need saving, and I would much rather do my best to talk and listen to these kids and show them that godless and good can go together, and even a morman missionary can find common ground with an atheist.
This attitude comes very much from the fact that every mormon kid I've spoken to has been very polite, respectful and willing to have a real conversation rather than arguing and judging. I live in Georgia and if southern baptists did the door to door jesus peddler shit, I am certain I would be far less apt to attempt a meaningful conversation. It sort of boils down to great quote about religion being like a penis-nothing wrong with having one and being proud of it, but once you start waving it around in public and trying to shove it down my throat without an invitation we are gonna have a BIG problem. The mormon kids keep it in their pants....er....backpacks...pretty damned well for being door to door god dealers, a huge portion of southern baptists on the other hand are all about pummelling the shit out of people with a sea of deity-dick everywhere they go. Anyone knocking on my door to tell me about their awesome hellfire loving sky daddy, at BEST gets told that if I wind up in heaven with that crap attitude god they worship because someone prayed for me, no one there is going to be happy.

AjaMarie Level 3 Oct 2, 2017

nice book you wrote there, lol yeah I have fun with them when I am not busy.


Only when im expecting a Christian pizza.

JonKerley Level 4 Nov 10, 2017

I used to get a lot of Mormon missionaries.
I'd invite them in, offer them a beer (when there were two of them, they would decline...).
Growing up in SE Idaho among a very Mormon family, I had my go to's. I knew more about their "beliefs" than they did.
My personal fave was when I was told that I'd go to hell for not following THE church!
I'd point out that their religion only recognized a 1st level of heaven. No HELL!
Then they'll posthumously baptize you as a Mormon.
Bless their little hearts...

MikeThorne Level 3 Oct 23, 2017

When they ring my bell and ask If I have time to talk about the lord I say sure as long as you have time to prove he's real without your bible.

Proslice56 Level 4 Oct 8, 2017

nice come back. I may steal it. lol


Depends, are they dropping off the mail or here to give me a sermon.

Derek Level 2 Oct 2, 2017

Depends on my mood. Ranges from just closing the door without a word to telling them to F off.

scribesub Level 2 Oct 2, 2017

It is absolutely a Sport, I will engage them if they push an agenda. I like to just hear what's being said,....& Reaffirm why I no longer subscribe to that philosophical Ideology ????

DesireSmith Level 3 Oct 2, 2017

Yes, I invite them in for discussion

JohnManning Level 4 Nov 10, 2017

I love it, if I am not busy. I open the door and invite them in then close the door behind them and block it. I then proceed to try and convert them into the light of atheism or engage them in some other topic for as long as I can stand it , my record is 4 hours. Its funny to watch them squirm sometimes because they have to pee but, are to intimidated to ask to use the bathroom. I consider it a public service to protect my neighbours from them.
My all time favourite was the J.W.'s, one in particular that was much, too old to be on the doorstep to be witnessing he should have been an elder and above that crap but, he must have done something wrong in the eyes of the congregation.
He was an old farmer so, I would start talking farming with him, I would let him in the house and leave the younger ones outside I would pour him a coffee or tea and sit and visit leaving the other where they were, he could use my bathroom no problem. He gave up on the conversion after the first time and would just visit and talk about normal farmer things. He never seemed to notice the time and how the novices suffered which is probably why in his seventy's he still had to door knock.
He died last year and I can honestly say I miss his visits but, I bet those novices don't.

you sound like me, awesome!
my favorite was a jw hispanic chic, she could barely speak english, and was selling me her god delusion. the only thing that seam to effect her was when I told her that her religion was just like islam, she got this look on here face like I had punched her kid . and litterally ran off yelling I am not a muslim!


it depends on the person...
some I tell my life's story..
some I just tell them I was a believer but saw the light...
some I just waist my time..so I tell them I have no interest and time.
some I point to my FSM on the door. smile009.gif


Usually no, but I've had some very nice Mormons stop by. I talked with them about The Book of Mormon (the musical, not the book). They hadn't heard of it, but they assured me that the actual book was better....Nope. Not really.

Jim314 Level 3 Oct 2, 2017

No. Out of my 62 years of life, I've been when that hasn't or never been my Problem. Maybe back in the 1980's or 1990's a couple of times. I am glad to have 99% from it happening in my Life. But I seen some Neighboring Activity and Grinch at what is happening about it.

PriceMichael Level 4 Oct 2, 2017

I told the last knockers I am atheist. No more knockers. I guess they told all their friends.

you must not live in the bible belt, here there is always another church, no matter how many I run off, there are a few more behind them. the fun part is my next door neighbor is also an atheist. so by the time they come here and go there, they must think satan has all the souls on this street. LMAO

Yes MichealSpinler I'm deep in the bible belt. It actually just slipped out. I usually try to get them away from my door without telling them I am atheist. I guess I just was not in the mood that day lol.


No! I’m not an evangelical non-believer. If I thought it was an investment of time, rather than a waste, perhaps I would enjoy it.

GoodMan Level 7 Oct 1, 2017

If it happens when I'm on my way out (not dying, just leaving for a short errand), and it's a Jehovah's Witless (oops, witness) I tell them I'm going to give blood. That stops them quickly. I love messing with them. And if I'm not going out, I ask them to come inside for a nice discussion about their religion. No one ever comes inside.

Penultimate Level 5 Oct 1, 2017

On my day off if I'm not too busy it can be a form of entertainment. That might sound cruel but they came to me to tell me what I should believe so I make them justify their beliefs. Then when they can't and they obviously never have, I ask why they believe since they can't provide reason for belief. We always end it with why faith is a bad way to know if you're correct.

paul1967 Level 7 Oct 1, 2017

My dad, who is a Doctor of Divinity, used to get great pleasure out of schooling whoever showed up at the door on their Bible. It was entertaining to watch.

ChrisOenophile Level 3 Mar 22, 2018

If she's cute, unattached and straight.

Unicorn1824 Level 6 Dec 3, 2017

It's an insult that they think I need saving, so I just let the dogs out.

NamVetPat Level 3 Nov 10, 2017

that can be fun LMAO


No. I actually get annoyed. They come up to the door book in hand and I think... Those bastards want another sucker for their church to help pay the rent. So no. I don't.

Marcel Level 2 Nov 10, 2017

while that aspect does annoy me as well. I bring a kjv with me, and educate them on the parts they always miss.


Having been a Mormon, I make it a point to talk to Mormon missionaries that I see walking down the street or that knock on my door.

I know they have a rough time of facing rejection on a daily basis and that they pay their own way to get there. The Mormon Church doesn't really help them out as much as you'd think.

They don't need me making their lives harder, but they should still be shown respect as human beings. The fact that they dedicate their lives to something they believe in and are away from their families for 2 years is remarkable even if I think they are wasting their time.

I find many of them are very young men which are told they have the answers by authorities when they really don't. Breaking that cognitive dissonance is not something I'm going to be able to do in one meeting, but they still don't deserve me shitting on them.

I can disrespect their beliefs without disrespecting them as people.

Frakbox Level 3 Oct 1, 2017

The sad party they believe there right just like all the other domination of Christianity

Rdurham Level 4 Oct 1, 2017

I just say I am Jewish and close the door.

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