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Hello everyone, nice to have an intellectual site like this.
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Hi, welcome. Here is a theme song for your grand entrance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKYcgMU-nJQ
Who here has an obsession with different religions and the reasons why they came to be?
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I voted that I love learning, but it's not really a creative admiration that drives it. lol.
*Tales' 'Toon - Taken Treasure*
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I'm not sure about the alien. It looks like she's sitting on the same stairs, but behind her... what did you do? :\
Women’s movements baffle me, simply because people in this day and age that try to use reasoning, can’t see that woman are superior to men. An x linked genetic disease that shows up in 1/100 men only shows up in 1/1000 women, they are more resistant to genetic diseases. A man is not emotionally matured until they are 45 on average, we are more unstable. I saw a documentary that claims 25 men could impregnate the entire female population of Europe in their life times, making us far less valuable to the species. It’s awfully depressing in a universe where human beings are already insignificant, to be the most insignificant of all. There is irony in women’s movements, it should be the other way around, I wonder how that happened, feels like Rod Stewart’s Twilight Zone....
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I'm glad you appreciate and respect women. However, I wouldn't say that women are superior to men at all. I love men. Just as I love women. We may be different in ways, but we're equal.
Did you ever do something as a child that your family still talks about?
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When I was 2, I would put on full Patsy Cline performances with our sprinkler head that looked like a mic.
One Word
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What genre of Music to you most enjoy?
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My personal playlists are mostly strokes of rock. Soft to metal. And, I also have relaxation music... such as instrumental, zen-like meditation for my opposite mood. But, I can enjoy a variety of different music (and especially love live music). It's a shorter list of what I don't like. Which is of course, Christian music. and holiday music.. but I'm also not fond of country or *most* rap music either.
When one person suffers from a delusion,it is called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion, it"s called religion
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Proud mama bragging here: My youngest son signed a letter of intent to play tennis for Midway University in Kentucky yesterday. He's always known he'd receive scholarship money for academics, but he dreamed of getting an athletic scholarship to play his favorite sport, and Midway's making that dream come true!...
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Yay!!! I'm happy to cheer for you and your son :-D
Morning...afternoon & evening & all nite...Joe
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I want to quote, "i like my coffee black just like my metal." But no, Medium roast. Stevia & ID french vanilla creamer
What is your take on Satanism? a taboo subject never as far as I know reported in the media.
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Not for me. It mimics religion and I don't like that to be my focus. It divides us as people and makes an antagonistic relationship between theists and non. So, I prefer Humanists.
Do you skirt around the issue of out right saying you’re an atheist when people start talking about god?
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Only in the workplace or instances that effect my livelihood.
Where did Noah keep all the freshwater fish?
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between the polar bears and the tigers. It's a MIRACLE they survived.
I just happened across this site a few days ago. What a pleasure to find like-minded people!
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Welcome sweetsari. It's a pleasure to have you amongst us. :)
Pantheism. When I was at high school, about 14, I declared myself a pantheist. No god, but a deep respect, almost worship of nature. I have seen a few posts on here about spirituality and even an atheist church. This is probably a worthwhile read for many. https://www.pantheism.net/ ...
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Yes, I find pantheism a beautiful and romantic concept. Hence, why I'm so fascinated with the Tao te Ching.
Did nothing create everything?
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And, what created god? they have no answer for that either. I wish people could just be comfortable saying "we don't have all the answers and we don't feel the need to make them up."
It has been weighing on me heavily, this last debate I was a part of here, in regards to the thread about the footer at Agnostic.com and how it misrepresents Agnostics, like myself. I said some rather nasty things to a few people here after I felt I was cornered and badgered to the pissed off point. This is not how I like to become. It isn't an accurate representation of me, as a person, on a whole, and some evidence to prove that point could even be this posting in and of itself. I feel guilty for having lost my cool. I was disappointed in myself that I allowed my own emotions to get the better of me. I lost my self control and I regret that. I feel terrible for the things I said to a couple of people, even if I was irritated and flustered, it was still uncalled for. I know better. I expect More of myself because I Know I'm better than that. So if I did offend Anyone, I would like to say Publicly, here and now, that I am profusely sorry for my behaviour and it will never happen again. I might tease people in a playful manner or I may be sarcastic, but that's just me being funny. I enjoy dry humor and self deprecating humor and I practice in that particular art frequently, but I Never Ever wish to Honestly hurt others. That's the Last Thing I would wish to do. I am not hostile person by nature. I'm actually a big softie, to be honest. I could be a pushover if I weren't intelligent, but often times apathy gets the better of me, as does compassion....
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It takes heart to make an apology like this. Both in courage and compassion. I admire you and can sense your kindness and rationality.
This one's about you?
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Depends on who you ask! :) Ask me and I feel like I'm bragging when I answer. :-$
The Atheist Delusion Movie (2016) HD - YouTube
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They caught these people off guard and edited the crap out of that. Took out all of the good responses and used fallacious thinking to build their video.
My favorite couple. ??
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What kind of phone do you have?
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Google Pixel. I'm a fan of android, personally. The Pixel has been a good phone for me. The iphone 6s isn't bad, but iPhone likes to monetize everything. Admittedly, I haven't researched it in great depth, but iPhone had recent allegations of purposefully slowing down the older model of their phones. Anyone know much about that?
When I was in the treatment center after my suicide attempt, I had more than one nurse or tech make a religious comment I.e. God Ioves you, God wants you here for a reason or, if I did reveal my agnostic belief's, they'd try to persuade me to believe in the love of their God. I wouldn't respond, to keep the peace, but I would think to myself that if they were (insert religion) and I said I didn't believe in (insert god or gods) they wouldn't try to sway me toward their belief's. Why are Christian's the only one's who think it's okay to push their religion on others but have a coronary at the mention of any other religion???...
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I hope you're doing better. yeah, people do assume that the right thing to say is coated in god stuff... as if differing beliefs need fixing. Christians think it's their moral obligation to convert people. I don't even think it registers with them how rude that really is! This is also how religion spreads. People have these religious influences happening during difficult times in their lives. There should be a policy not to preach in places like that.
I just hit level 7.4. Oh happy day!!!
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Enjoy the climb. Just wait until we get to level 10. We're going to have super agnostic.com powers. I want to fight alongside Captain Planet!
Just some fun things I found floating around on the internet.
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All good :) I like the third one best!
Am I the only one that felt like reading the Bible just felt like I was reading one huge story of fiction about good vs evil?
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Well, you could say evil vs. evil God really isn't all that benevolent. The question is, who is more evil??? ;)
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