I'm here for good conversation & new friends. I'm friendly and despite the rumors, I don't care for the taste of human flesh... so don't be shy.

P.S. Here for friends. Not looking for love.

As an atheist, I think Homosexuality should not come into mainstream. What's your take ?
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I don't believe it's merely psychological like some kind of mental illness.

I'm not sure what you mean about coming into the mainstream. That has lots of potential meanings...
can't even begin to count the number of times I've heard Pascals wager or some form of it mentioned in regard to my lack of belief. I can't believe Homer Simpson had the perfect answer for me!
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Exactly. I agree with Homer.
Would you give a monthly donation to a local Atheist group if they held a weekly Atheist meeting on Sunday? This would create and promote a local community for Atheists. (The money would be used to rent the venue, provide snacks, pay speakers who might travel to your hometown, provide on-site childcare, provide on-site children activities, provide on-site parent activities, etc.)...
silvereyes comments:
It depends ...
The first thing I'd want to know about this community is how it functions. Not just where the money goes, but I wouldn't support something that turns Atheism into a sort of religion or dogmatic organization.

So, it really, really depends on what the group does as to whether I'd join or give money.

I'd take interest if it worked towards issues in the public sphere (separation of church & state like AHA or FFRF) and if it provided just a relaxed place for non-theists to gather-- but not if it preached to its members about ways to go about their lives.
What was the first and last concert you attended?
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That was the only concert I ever attended, so it's first and last.
Hypocrisy amuses me but, that aside, does anyone really want Pastor Jim firing his semiautomatic into a crowd?
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Holy crap (pun?)!
Is that for real?

And being Christian is supposed to make you kind...

Militant Atheism
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No. It's too hostile for my tastes.

I do however think that non-theists should be more active and visible. In a way that is more appealing to the outside world than militant Atheism. I think it will attract more people to the cause and lead to a more positive image for those who call themselves Atheists.
I just saw an invitation to this group on Facebook and joined immediately. The posts I have read so far have been very interesting. It is really an honor to be part of such an intelligent group of people!...
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Welcome to the group! Hope to see you around the forums.
Would you date you?
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Other than my husband, I am the only other person I date.

I don't know if I would date me or not. I mean on one hand, me & me would have a helluva time together. On the other hand, we're both awfully stubborn.
Why do people ask if something happened to make me not believe in god?
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I'm not offended. Perplexed sometimes.
Theists just can't fathom how we could not believe.
They've never been on this side of the line, so I see it as a lack of understanding on their part.

Besides, if they ask, I get to answer. The belief in scripture is illogical- and I can't not question things that are unsupported by evidence.
Hello all I just joined. What's are the up and downs?
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I 2nd what tjames said. It's a great place for community, conversation, and just meeting other non-theists in general.

The site is still developing, they are always listening to suggestions and trying to improve it. It's still evolving.
$Money$: If someone gave you $1000, no strings attached, what would you do with it?
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Plant a tree.
"Adopt" an animal (basically donate).
Help my brother out with going to tech school.
So for the people that really question religion. If God is all-knowing and has a divine plan that involves knowing what happened with everything and everybody's lives, why do murders happen in the first place? Is the answer because it's in the divine plan for certain people to murder other people? ...
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The answer is because we don't have our own personal Jesus watching over us.
I'm off to my nans for chrismas(bleugh), but the issue being is all the family over there refuse to use my prefered pronouns. And tbh I'm taking weed over there to sit through that shit, but any other ideas?...
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What would be a preferred pronoun?

:S I mean, do they call you "he" and you prefer "she" do they group you in with "we?"
What about Thanksgiving? I see alot of posts about Christmas, but how do you guys feel about Thanksgiving? I personally love having a time to express gratitude to people in my life where it seems normal and acceptable. I don't feel blessed, I feel thankful for the people I have randomly discovered who have shaped me and who have helped me through hard times. Even if they are religious and insist they're blessed in response, it is great to thank them....
silvereyes comments:
I don't personally like Thanksgiving that much.
It is a gluttonous holiday. But, I do like spending some time with the family.
The story of Thanksgiving being a lie puts it in the same boat as Christmas. (Sort of, minus the religiosity- it's still a lie).

I do however like the idea of a day of gratitude. So maybe if Thanksgiving were reinvented, rather than traditional. Neo-Thanksgiving
God, the wizard! ...and the heavenly hierarchy I like how there's this weird hierarchy, right? There's humans, right? Now, we have all of these things as 'less than' human, like animals and plants and microorganisms and rocks ...and then there's only a couple things 'greater than' human, like angel, 'spirit?', and then god. I think it's really weird that somewhere along the way, someone decided that there is no nice bell curve on that one, you have humans, who are real, but subject to reality, you have angels and spirits who aren't really subject to reality but have power over it, and then you have god who has complete power over all reality. Like, there's no wizard level 1, can create tiny furniture, berries and slightly alter the tide. Physics either owns you or you own it, right? No in-betweens!...
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People sure do like their extremes.
I'll take reality any day.
In my experience when theologians talk about open mindedness, what they're really talking about is a willingness to accept their suppositions and beliefs, unsupported by evidence or fact.
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"Open-mindedness" only applies to their ideals. They actually preach close-mindedness. Don't want to let the "devil" in.
Post a lyric that empowers or motivates you. "I'm the one at the sail, I'm the master of my sea."
silvereyes comments:
And our voices ring out, here
Took the mask off to feel free
Fought it out in the debris
Now we know that life will change
glad I stumbled across this site. not really looking for a hookup, but rather introspective dialogue and maybe friendship. hey, you never know what could transpire from there. willing to chat with people from all walks of life....
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Welcome to the site! I also joined for friendship. I like being around other non-theists. It's a breather from my current reality of where I live.
Truck Drivers and Tesla Trucks
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I've heard the question asked:

When presented with a choice- if a car is going straight at some pedestrians in the road and there isn't time to stop, does it save the passengers in the car, or the pedestrians? There is a moral choice here...

I do worry about the efficiency. But, there are currently so many highway deaths due to bad driving and human error. Eventually, it may help with this. I see swerving cars all the time now from people on their cellphones.

What I think, is that they shouldn't jump straight into letting them autopilot before "tweaking" the technology. It should be something of a hybrid with an operator (like a plane) until they've really got the kinks worked out.
Given that Satanism is an atheistic religion focused on the self I'm curious if there are any on this site? No I'm not one I'm just curious
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I prefer the way Humanists approach things over Satanists.

FYI: "Thoughts on Satanism?"
Most people confuse knowing ,with believing.
silvereyes comments:
Yes, yes they do.
That's a big part of the problem.
Do you think the world is a small place?
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Well, in comparison to the universe, yes. In comparison to the size of my own body, no.
And, damn if this question didn't get that pesky song in my head...
It's a small world after all, it's a small world after all-
One of the worst songs ever. ever. ever.
Why do we have the arrogance to call ourselves intelligent, when most of our species is at one time or another killing each other, destroying the environment, with a few haves and most have not!!
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Well, we're more intelligent than other known species as far as what we're capable of accomplishing...
That doesn't mean we're always using it for good things--
or that we're never dumb by our own standards.
just thought I would check this out. I guess I'm looking for reasonable people who will not try to convert me. I am quite happy being Agnostic and don't feel like I have something missing spiritually in my life. in other area, well maybe. but not in my personal beliefs. so I guess what I'm saying is...hello everybody!...
silvereyes comments:
Hello, welcome!
Street preaching
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I don't like it- but I do think it's exercising free speech.
I do however think there should be "no zones" for anyone standing around like that (panhandling or preaching or whatever). What comes to mind is the ones outside of the abortion clinics.
Like a no smoking zone, I think it should be a place where people can't stand out with signs or materials pressuring women not to go in.
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