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LINK Cult Dressing & Religious Behavior

Is certain modern dressing another example of secular religion?

Krish55 7 June 7

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People are largely herd animals. Most desire to belong and clothes are an outward sign of belonging and identifying with a group--the article says this, but I did not have to read it to know this. This extends beyond religion: Goths and girl/boy scouts wear clothes/uniforms that identify them with their group. Even beatniks and hippies wore identifying clothes, so do businessmen. I see "secular religion" as misnomer; it's more like "I am a part of a herd because I need to belong and I want people to know it." Me? I am a part of the sexy old woman club.


🙂 My first thaught seeing this post was blue jeans and a t-shirt. On second thaught I wondered black suit and tie? Finally dawned on me, probably something more like a traditional costume right? Batman, hoody, dark sun glasses, tortured soul.


With religion on the wane in most of the West, the religious impulse finds new outlets...


"Secular religion" is an oxymoron.

If it walks and looks like a duck...

Here's what Stanford's dictionary says about Heraclitus that is relevant here " best known for his doctrines that things are constantly changing (universal flux), that opposites coincide (unity of opposites),"

@Krish55 Actually, you have a point. Some of the most secular among us engage in "celebrity worship."

I think you'll find that the term secular religion was initiated by Rousseau, intending it to represent a social belief system which excluded theism, and was perpetuated by Robespierre at the French Revolution. And for a staunchly catholic country in C18th, France has remained proudly secular since.


It certainly could be classified as such.


I do not understand your question? Dressing alike is a way to make a "tribe"....armed forces uniforms, girl scout sashes, etc etc. Why drag in religion to every single thing?


Edited for grammar.
Polos and white khakis are the uniform of todays right wingers. I'm of the opinion that the right wing has become very cultish. Maybe I should say the extreme right wing.

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