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Mental masturbation; Why do we meet people when we do?

One of my favorite pastimes if to try to discern whether or not there is meaning to the people we meet and at what points in your life? Think about it, how some people stay in your life for long periods of time, while others may not last a day. Do they all shape your life, or just the long term relationships?

RayRay 4 Dec 24

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Everyone you meet in life is either a Gift or a Lesson or a Curse....


Great question! I guess it’s about learning and the lesson. Some are here to teach us over time. And within a short time we realize if short time or not whether or not we stay engaged to the messages or drop out of the class due to lack of interest or the message no longer applies. Life goes on....


Interesting that you should post this question. I met a fascinating couple this year. She wrote a book and had it reviewed in some magazine, this was about 25 years ago. On the next page was a review of musician and his music. She lived in the CA and he was back east. One night a friend calls to tell her that she's setting her up on a date . . . it turns out to be the musician in the article next to the one about her book (totally random). What are the odds? They've been married for about 24 years. I'm glad that they're in my life. They're amazing people.
Some shape our lives and others may not. It all depends on many factors. I'm grateful to all the people who are still in my life.

Not karma. Don't believe in that #$@%. I call it synchronicity. I once had a professor try to explain synchronicity to me in mathematical terms. All I understood was that it would far more strange and weird if coincidences didn't happen.


People are everywhere. You never know who you will meet.


... I'm surprised by such a large number of non believers attributing anything to karma, fate,etc. You meet people because they are there. You pay attention to those encounters because at the time you need them/ notice them. Simple as that. Most people leave a mark on your personal development, nothing good or bad about it. It just happens


I think there is some truth to the saying "when the student is ready, the teacher is there." Some people may come into our lives briefly and leave a huge impact whilst some may be there so long you forget they're there. They all affect us. In fact, I'd go as far to say that all human interaction affects us.

SamL Level 7 Dec 24, 2017

everything shapes your life and its normally I think more the bad things. I mean you walk down a busy street and realise how people just don't give a shit about you or anyone.


I believe there is no rhyme or reason to how life plays out.

You can make no plans, and things could go either way. You can make many plans, and they still could go many ways.

Even things we believe have no effect on our decisions, do.

All relationships absolutely shape our lives. Positive, negative, and benign outcomes are all possible from even the minute interactions we have on a daily basis.

My use of the term relationship, is for any relationship—romantic, familial, business, friend, road rage.


I would say I get something from everyone I meet even if its for the moment. Love people places and things... good post.


Call it fate or coincidence, I have met several people at just the right time and place in my life.

I agree with @sirbikesalot06 Karma does play a role in that all your previous choices have led you to this person.

@RayRay all of the above are possible with several other contingencies? Here I use "karma" as a culmination of all a person's choices and their effects. So...apparently, if so probably yes and I lean toward the balance.


We usually pick up some piece of knowledge from brief encounters-either that was nice or that was not good. I've learned not to be 100% trusting with someone I just met either on line or in person. People will surprise you sometime-you never know. Long term relationships are the hardest to end because what you think is loving may not be conducive to your health literally. I used to think these encounters happened for a reason. Now I'm not so sure.

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