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I enjoy them separately, and I enjoy them together.


Tyson, the patron saint of sophomoric aalewis types.


Sam Harris was there at Beyond Belief 2006. Where Tyson delivered one false story and questionable claim after another. Did the pseudo skeptics in attendance practice what they preach? Did they challenge Tyson's claims? Did they ask him to support his stories with citations and evidence? No. They swallowed Tyson's bull without question.

Smug, sanctimonious hypocrisy. Tyson and Harris preaching skepticism is like adulterous Republicans preaching family values.

Here is Tyson's account of President Bush's 9-11 speech:

This is from his keynote address to the TAM6 conference but he had told the same story to the 2006 Beyond Belief conference two years earlier.

According to Tyson, Bush "attempted to distinguish we from they". Attempting to sow division during that highly emotional time would have been reprehensible but the sort of behavior we'd expect from a Republican president.

However, Bush's actual speech was a call for tolerance and inclusion, exactly the opposite of the xenophobe demagogue Tyson paints:

Tyson delivered this fiction to pseudo skeptic conferences for 8 years. Then in 2014 Sean Davis of the Federalist blew the whistle on Tyson. After some arm twisting Tyson admitted his error and apologized to President Bush. See this Washington Post column:

The Bush and Star Names story is his intro into a talk on the Islamic Golden Age where he also delivers one falsehood after another. See items 2 through 4 in my list:

@McVinegar You ask me to provide proof Tyson says wrong stuff. I did so.

If you want to put a BSer on a pedestal, that's your privilege. But know that you're not that different from Trump's birthers.


Good video.

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