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Anyone here know each other IRL?

I always thought communities like this were a great opportunity to bond with people and actually meet friends. I'm just curious how often that goes on and what kind of interactions you have had with meeting people from this site (or elsewhere).

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forgo 4 Dec 25

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I've not met or know anyone here but have IRL in a close knit community. In my "world" word travels fast if someone is hinky or a fake. I've never been on a "dating" site before, and while this site seems to have begun originally as discussion only, that's not why I joined.

It's always interesting to see how people are IRL vs online persona vs on the phone or skype. I've some very very VERY dear friends I've yet to meet in person, that I've "known" for years.
It's not like people into what I am grow on trees and are right next door.
Finding a kind, sentient, like minded atheistic type calling or on my doorstep isn't likely to happen without some effort involved.

I'm also just enjoying some of my new acquaintances on here and that's fine too.


I am new here and a technotard (by choice) so I have no idea. So far so good, though. I have had no reason to complain. There seem to be some rather interesting folk around here. Never hurts to have more friends, right?

Sadoi Level 7 Dec 25, 2017

One of my friends from out of state joined, but I don't know anyone else in real life.


Anonymity can be dangerous. One has no idea of the veracity of the other person. There is simply too much deceit in the world today and one only has to look at what negative things the computer has wrought.

However, if there is a desire to meet someone in person the quest for openness and honesty becomes important. Also, if it is only about talk and one is able to voice their ideas in a critical thinking manner and agree to disagree it could be a positive experience.

I have gained a lot from this site and it has caused me to think about things differently and opened new connections. I have probably pissed some off (and made mistakes) but that is the nature of the beast. I have gotten to know a few a little but no real ‘friends’.


It will take a miracle to find a vegan, agnostic/ atheist, progressive male around my age.

@Kreig Yes, Wider than Los Angeles. For sure.


I have met a couple through business connections on LinkedIn, but other than family and local friends on general social media, no. I have done a lot of collaborative writing on the net and of course my editing business is carried out online as well.


Not on this site so far but I've networked the net since its inception for business and pleasure, in my fields of the arts often combining the two.

I may soon seek out many of our members local to Las Vegas since there are many of us if time ever permits.


I've made a friend on this site. We've been in touch since I joined this site. He's been traveling and heading home now.


I've not met anyone from online. As soon as I discover someone is disingenuous, I'm outta there.

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