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LINK Christian Apologist: We Have “Forensic Evidence” Jesus Rose from the Dead – Friendly Atheist



Oh yeah... Josh McDowell. A friend once gave me a copy of "More Than a Carpenter." I actually did read it and found it so incredibly easy to debunk it was laughable.
McDowell has absolutely no idea how evidence works, forensic evidence doubly so.

Hearsay, conjencture, and wishful thinking are a kind of evidence...a terrible kind.


Like the man said, Jesus was only dead for 2 days, then he became a zombie. Jesus didn't die for your sins, he gave up his wknd for most..some of your sins. It's all still ka-ka!


Someone needs to ask for that evidence.

Here's the best "evidence" I could find.



Really they can't find th tomb he was in. How can they have any evidence he rose?


Some people have β€˜the truth’ and nothing else matters! It was reported in scripture and nobody goes against God, it is so tiring, how people are fooled by so much biblical jargon!

boy you hit that RIGHT...anytime Ken Ham is interviewed about his 'ark park' and stupid idea of humans co-existing with dinos..he has the SAME reply...the bible tells me so..the bible tells me so....He sounds like an old 78 record with a 'skip' in it (for those of us 'oldsters"
who actually played phonograph records ;lol )

@skepteekule Personally, I find it hilarious that even the very conservative roman catholic church says creationism is a pagan belief and not to believe everything in the old testament to the letter.

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