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Balanced people

I think there must be a balance between mind, body and soul if you want be able to function correctly. Personally I'm striving for balance. What's your opinion? Are there anyone balanced there?

Sensiwoman7 6 June 18

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Mind and body are the same thing. Souls don't exist

Ohh, that's interesting!


A good statement, but some days the spin cycle starts with the towels all on the same side!?

That's funny!


What is your definition of a soul?

Pete66 Level 6 June 18, 2018

@permanwilson ok definition of a mind?

@permanwilson emotional part!

@permanwilson so again what is a soul? You are saying it is something that is already clearly defined

I like the old Hebrew meaning of soul in the Old Testament. It is 'nephesh'. It means our whole make up as human beings - in other words, our minds and our bodies. I'm pretty sure the Jews later took on the more Greek notion of soul. But in earlier times, they believed that when they died, that was it as far as consciousness went and they had to wait for the resurrection to get their minds and bodies back.

@brentan sorry but I don't agree that soul and mind are synonymous especially if you consider the religious view which led to the idea of a soul!


Oh Hell no! ☺


I agree completely and have been close to achieving that balance previously, but am far from it presently. Working on it!

Many years ago, I had training in a counseling technique which uses the acronym PIE, which stands for Physical, Intellectual, Emotional. The goal was to strive for a balance between the three. Just another way of stating your premise without the use of the word "soul."

MikeEC Level 7 June 18, 2018

Good luck!


I take a daily anti-depressant that keeps me going but I'm not really balanced. Sometimes I take a valium and I really enjoy that mellow feeling. I was religious too for many years but that never gave the spirit of peace it promised. I suspect, with no proof, that some balance must be bought by compromise with other people - in other words selling a part of yourself to buy smoother relationships with other people.

I'm sorry to hear that.. I think is better be authentic person and never sell your soul. And there is need more discipline in our life to be balanced.

@Sensiwoman7 I better elaborate. I was trying to understand why people sacrifice their individuality for company. They say we are social animals and it seems to be true but my experience of life has made me into what Dante called ‘a party of one’. I live an almost solitary existence. I’m sure Nietzsche would advocate isolation too but poor old Nietzsche went mad.


What's your definition of soul?

MsAl Level 8 June 18, 2018

Emotional part!


Balance has never concerned me. I believe that we need to stay physically and mentally active, and that we need to maintain our moral integrity. As I do not believe that we have a soul, I do not attend to that issue at all.

We all have emotional part!!


I’m off balance.

Ohh, how do you feel about that?

I’m good with it. It’s normal, after all.

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