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LINK Sam Harris, Charles Murray, and the allure of race science - Vox

I have stopped listing to Sam Harris because of this interview

Scorpio_gurl 6 June 18

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Ezra and his ilk are true fake newsers. He and the others are regressive-lefters who cannot think past how to toast their poptarts..

Murray nor Harris are in any way racist.

Sam is right on with this issue. And so is Gad Saad,... without the science and the data being evaluated from a scientific point of view nothing can get changed.

Ezra and that crowd are some of the most dangerous to our freedoms. They are all about feelings and misinterpretation. No one with reason can think otherwise of them.

JacarC Level 8 June 19, 2018

I agree. To say there was/is no scientific disagreement over Murray's work is preposterous and smacks of Trumpian alt right logic. I stopped following Harris after he tangled with Chomsky regarding issues in the Middle East. He was over-matched; Chomsky chewed him up.


I've had enough of these douchebags occupying the atheist narrative.

There's only one race. The human race.

@archer5691 what she said. The IQ differences are easily explained by the effects of poverty and racism. You give children poor quality food, poor quality education and add in extreme stress, you get people with stunted growth in many areas. All of these claims were made about Italians, Jews, the Chinese etc. Yet when removed from poverty and it's ill affects those "races" have a perfectly normal IQ range. Its not genetics, it's the effects of poverty.

@Blindbird Exactly & Thank you!


Yeah, I didn't listen to that, but did listen to his interview with Ezra Klein about that exchange. Sam Harris fell out of favor with me a long time ago, but this exchange has completely sealed the deal, I have no interest in paying attention to anything that he writes or says anymore.

Here is that interview with Ezra Klein:



Starting with the premise that blacks are dumber than whites and then blathering away for hours AS IF it was a real thing. Sort of like positing a "gawd" and blathering away about it ad nauseam, yes?
Okay, back to reality: MLK, President Obama & Michele Obama, Shirley Chisholm, Booker T & the MG's, Marvin Gaye, Malcolm X, Oprah, etc etc etc etc etc
Fairness paragraph: Drumpy, Manafort, Sessions, DeVos, Ted Bundy, Charlie Manson, Son of Sam, every white weirdo who Ever shot up a school.......
See my drift here? And why I Hate labelers & labels........

Me thinks that Sam Harris likes to use big words to compensate for the fact that he can't quite fill his big-boy Humanist pants.


That's misogynistic and homophobic. Ridiculing a man's penis size is as cheap as anything racists spew.

Ezra attacked Sam with false premises and ridiculous derivative crap. Sam and Murray are not racists.

@Ellatynemouth but so effective, and high probability of being true, given he enjoys "belittling" others......

@Ellatynemouth I can see how you may have derived your assertions by my use of the words "compensation" and "pants", but feel that you misconstrued my message.

The metaphor of "filling pants" or "filling shoes" just means that someone hasn't risen to the level of respect as their peers; in Sam Harris's case, he doesn't deserve the respect that I hold for Dawkins or Hitchens (rip).

As to the compensation part, that alludes to my annoyance toward people who sound intellectual without fully comprehending the subject matter, or what I refer to as book-smarts V's street-smarts.

I am more of a street-smart person with enough education to understand the content from intellectuals. I tend to phrase things in crude terms. I am neither a misogynist or homophobic - actually, I really don't understand how you concluded how you thought my comment was homophobic, I am kinda lost on that one...

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