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Tolerance! The only way I believe that we can change anything is to encourage education. Education will open up the minds of young people so that they may decide on their own that religion is not the way. I do not believe that we will change everyone’s opinion on religion. I believe I have the right as an American to have the faith or non faith that I want and I don’t think forcing someone to believe what I do is ok so we must find a way to coexist. I feel as long as someone’s rights don’t infringe on my rights or harm me I’m ok with that. I was told by another member that if I am tolerant of people who believe I’m contributing to the problem. Well isn’t that what Christians believe that if they sell gays a cake they are condoning it. That is what most of us here dislike about religion so why would I act in the same way. People of religion vary vastly. If they treat me with respect I will treat them with respect. If they overstep I will politely explain that I am non religious but I’m not going to persecute people for not thinking what I think. Most of us have family who believe who have raised us and loved us and are good people. So I am for tolerance of other humans. What are your thoughts?

etruji29 5 Dec 27

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Karl Popper said it best: []


Well said. I try to live my life by humanistic ideals.


Thus, why conservatives like to defund or eliminate (certain) education. They like the close minded, uneducated, as they’re easier to control. I firmly agree with your statement.


Tolerance is great, however I see it as a stepping stone to acceptance and consideration. Education is definitely the way forward. Then hopefully the generations to come will find things easier.

Dav87 Level 6 Dec 30, 2017

Sadly education has been on a downward spiral in the US for decades with the rise of home schooling and charter schools, with millions of Americans now having grown up more indoctrinated than educated. And it's getting worse, not better. I am all for tolerance too, but alas find myself in a country growing increasingly less tolerant. I don't think it's going to end well.

@etruji29 No, you're not paranoid. Canada is sounding better all the time.


Ok, I adore you even more now!

We do have too many here who "preach" intolerance, not only of theists but of "each other" over the most trivial of details.

I truly wish they could see the bigger picture: we have been in an escalating "holy war", we're at the brink of economic collapse and the rise of social injustice is being fueled by theists worshiping either gods, gold or both.

Still, to attack their core beliefs is no way to show the "good people" the error of their ways. A united, humanitarian and rational approach is our best hope, in my opinion.


"But what [Orwell] illustrates, by his commitment to language as the partner of truth, is that 'views' do not really count;

that it matters not what you think, but how you think;

and that politics are relatively unimportant, while principles have a way of enduring, as do the few irreducible individuals who maintain allegiance to them."

Christopher Hitchens, Why Orwell Matters
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I will tolerate everything but intolerance. There are some ideologies with which coexistence is impossible.

@etruji29 I find it very hard to walk away from people too. Even if it's not permanent.


I am agreed with you .... I accept the Americans and the European whatever are their thoughts about our community, as they respect me.


I think education, interfaith and interracial experiences help. Classes in college with Social Theory, Marriage and the Family and Demographics helped me expand my horizons-Sociology Major. Not so Christian schools or Christian colleges.


Yest Educations is the way to tolerance and people learning critical thinking skills for themselves! Great concept


My thoughts exactly! well said.


People have the right to believe or not.


I am very much okay with people believing whatever they wish, so long as those beliefs do not affect others. When a government employee decides not to issue marriage licenses or a courthouse has Christian monuments while disallowing monuments placed by other belief systems, that interferes with a secular government. When children are married off or someone is killed for not adhering to religious preferences, you are imposing your religion's beliefs on another. If you refuse to get your child medical care because you choose prayer, you are putting them at risk before they can properly decide.
I do not proselytize, as I see no need to convert people away from religion, so long as it does no harm. I do push for a secular government and laws that protect people from the potential harms of religion. That is, I believe, tolerant of religion while aware of its risks.

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