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Jobs and opporotunities... what is your experience?

This poll was inspired by a conversation elsewhere on the site.

Which do you believe is most true in today's world? I am not asking what shoudl be true, or what you were told is true, but what you actually believe is the reality.

The multiple selection function in creating polls doesn't seem to be working, but please feel free to make comments to make up for the bug which I hope they are working on fixing.

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snytiger6 9 Dec 28

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Managing your money is the key. I was born poor and raised poor. I have eaten a lot of beans in my life. I have worn ragged clothes and driven worn out cars until they fell apart, and then put them back together with bailing wire and bubble gum and drove them another 100K. I have lived in rooming houses and done without TV and phone. At the age of 25 I was flat broke. At 29 I started my own die shop and bought my house. I made a good living in that shop for 20 years. A few years ago I started dabbeling in real estate. I now own 7 houses. If you keep a little money, opportunity will find you.


I voted with the majority. 🙂
A single person working minimum wage will need two jobs to get by.

A couple would need both working maybe one or both working two jobs.

@KevinJohnston If they could scrounge together enough money or get someone to back them would they need to pay their employees minimum wage to stay afloat?

@KevinJohnston How do they pay their rent and buy food while they're dropping down money for this business?
They may not need employees at first, but will this business expand or stagnate?

@KevinJohnston That's the third time you've said they should or could "start a business", but you haven't explained how this would happen. Explain it to me and I'll concede the argument no questions asked.

@Paul628 I am with you. If a person can't make ends meet, how do they start a business? The idea of beign able to start a business with no money doesn't seem like anythign more than a conservative fantasy platitude.

@KevinJohnston Are all of the things you listed any more capable of producing a better living wage than working a minimum wage job?

It costs money to start a business-done it twice alone.

@KevinJohnston How much did you make sewing buttons on peoples' clothes?

@KevinJohnston win.


Now I want to say up front my career did not always go in one direction-salaries went backwards and sideways and there were commissions. I was going backwards in the grocery distributor industry but they put me on long term disability when I got sick. I do have trouble with my right hand-can't type normally and shouldn't drive so I'm limited as an earner again. The system sucks.

Yeah, When I was 29, I ws diagnosed with a rare hereditary eye disease, which cused me to lose my job, left me legally blind and has prevented me from beign able to find any kidn of normal or regular work. I am now 55. Most of the system does suck. If it weren't for Social Security Disability Insurance, (SSDI), I'd be a burden on my siblings.


My job was easy to get and the work is easy as well. I work hard and fast. I'm counted on at work to do more than others.

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