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Would You Consider Yourself a Sapiosexual?

Although—physical attraction is pertinent in any healthy relationship, are you physically aroused by the intellect and depth in people as well?

Sapio_Ink 7 Dec 29

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I'm highly aroused by a persons intellect. My relationships should provide opportunities for me to constantly be exposed to new ideas and thoughts. It's easy to be inspired by people who are intelligent. I have a really interesting love of Scrabble and I always say that if he beats me at Scrabble I'm getting naked. It's only happens once.



Gohan Level 7 Jan 7, 2018

I love brains!! So YES.


Yes. When I have a first date, my date becomes more attractive to me the smarter they are. Conversely a beautiful woman becomes much less attractive to me if they aren't smart.


Give it whatever label you want, I discovered early on (18) that I couldn't date a good-looking guy who wasn't smart. And it's not a matter of "quantity" per se, but a matter of insatiable curiosity and a drive for the ability to understand. The never ending pursuit of knowledge is a quality I need for a real relationship.


Well, I find lack of intelligence is not sexy and would rather have a woman in my life with intelligence.


Yes, with one exception in my relationship history (and I still see/love him). By and large, though, intelligence gives me a lady boner.


I could consider myself a pansexual, which means I fall in love with a person's soul and heart, This does not matter if they are bi sexual or transsexual or straight or gay or whatever. I have never engaged in a relationship based on looks to an extent that is. More to how they treat me, how they treat others, sense of humour, intellect etc
Although I have only been with men and women, I do believe in pan sexuality. and Sapiosexual, though it seems there are so many labels one must put on themselves these days, I say I am just me, I don't really feel the need to be identified through my religion or lack of or sexuality. I am me and I am happy and kind and if someone does not like it they can fuck off.
Hopefully making sense

Sacha Level 7 Dec 29, 2017
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