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LINK Breezy tunes

btroje 9 June 22

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Very nice indeed.


Wow!! that is some talent!






Damn, my phone won't let me see this!

its another shameless FB post if that matters

@btroje I play the ukulele, it just wouldn't let me see the video. I got all excited for nothing. ?

@Nottheonlyone are you on FB?

San Diego Uke festival 4 years ago

@hankster Yes, but I don't really use it. And I ditched my desktop, so if my phone won't let me see a link, so be it.

@Nottheonlyone my phone really don't like it if I'm using the app, but if I get on the browser it'll often let me see it.

@hankster Nice, I'll try that. Thanks.

this would be worth dropping by the library to use a public computer

@Nottheonlyone here you go... on youtube

@Lukian Thanks!

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