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Are there any classical music buffs out there? It has been my favorite genre since I was first introduced to it as a fourth grader--a long time ago. I enjoy it now more than ever, although I listen to other types as well, but 80% of my listening is classical. Yes, I have often been teased and seen as an outcast. I can live with it.

tioteo 8 Dec 29

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Hi tioteo - Regarding the piano version of "Pictures at an Exhibition," I love the Richter piano version. Richter was the one who revived the piano version at a concert in 1953. It was a sensation at the time, since most people were only familiar with the orchestral version. Richter is considered one the great pianist of the 20 Century. Yes, there are always new things to discover with classical music. As I mentioned before, you might find your tastes changing as time goes by. I know mine have. Just keep an open mind and you will have a glorious time with the classical music genre.


Dear tioteo - I am a serious classical music lover. When I was younger, I used to be a standee at the old Metropolitan Opera House. Music has been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember. I'm a native New Yorker and I met so many people on the opera standee line that had interests similar to mine. While in NYC, I also went to many concerts, ballets and the theater. Today, I live in Arizona where the cultural life is not that great. Also, now that I am much older, I find I prefer listening to classical piano and orchestral music. Some of my favorite composers are Chopin, Debussy, Rachmaninoff, etc. Would be glad to chat with someone that has similar interests.

I didn't grow up in a highly cultural area or family. My first exposure to classical music was when I was in fourth grade. The elementary music teacher sewed the seed and it germinated and took root. It is still growing and evolving. I still cannot listen to Beethoven's ninth and not feel......almost transfigured. It is a similar experience with a number of other pieces: Rachmaninoff's second piano concerto and second symphony, Tchaikovsky's first piano concerto and sixth symphony, and others.

Hi Tioteo. I am discovering new classical music compositions all the time. It is so thrilling to discover a new piece of music. My tastes have changed over time. Music is such a wonderful thing. It's a lifelong learning experience. You might want want to try a little Chopin, for instance, a short piece called "Ballade No. 1". Also, since you seem to like Rachmaninoff, try listening to his piano concerto No. 3 played by Horowitz. It is considered a very difficult piece but Horowitz makes it sound heavenly (excuse the expression). I just recently discovered Mussorsky's piano version of "Pictures at an Exhibition". You might want to listen to the orchestral version first. It was originally written for the piano, but was orchestrated by Ravel or someone else and is best known in its orchestral version. You have a lifetime of discovering amazing music before you. As I wrote in some other post, the only transcendental moments I have experienced were through music. God just never did it for me.

My first introduction to "Pictures..." was the Ravel orchestration many years ago. I have a recording of that as well as a piano version, but not by Horowitz, unfortunately. I recently listened to the Stokowski orchestration (I think) on the Sirius XM classical station. It is one of many, so I have read. I'd like to find some others just to compare. I enjoy the Rachmaninoff 3rd, but I love the melodiousness of the 2nd. I am constantly finding new worlds to explore in the genre, sometimes a composer with whom I was unfamiliar, sometimes a new approach to a piece with which I am very familiar. Curiosity leads me, not some non-existent entity.

@meerasate It was wonderful to find another classical music lover. I also have experienced transcendental moments through great art of all types, including literature, paintings, and being at the ocean, just listening to steady pounding of the waves, which I call the "heartbeat of the universe." I grew up on the East coast and some of the joyful memories of my childhood were being at the beach. When I moved to San Francisco, the Pacific Ocean is much to cold to swim in, but I used to take my dogs to the beach whenever I could and just sit on the sand and listen and watch the ocean while the dogs played. I now live in the middle of the desert in Tucson, Arizona and although there is great beauty in the desert mountains and rock formations, they can never match what the ocean does for me. Besides, there are too many "creepy-crawlies" that can kill you with their venom, so I find that a real turn-off. Anyway, I never was the "hiker" type. I grew up in NYC and the only "hiking" I did was climbing up 5 flights of stairs to reach our apartment! Anyway, it was nice hearing from you. I hope we can share more of our interests in the future.


I am mostly into super-hard rock these days, but I do like classical occasionally. I find that my tastes have changed over the years, however. I've tired of the old warhorses for the same reason I've tired of classic rock--overplaying--and moved on to composers such as Penderecki and Gorecki.

That's me. I've seen Rob Zombie, Korn, Slipknot, Def Leppard (that one armed drummer is is the life the show), 311, Papa Roach, and quite a bit more I'm forgetting right now. That energy you cannot get anywhere else - the thrashing at abmetal concert. Makes me feel somewhat young again, LOL.

@Mandrake981 Hey, man, I got 23 on you, so I guess that makes me The Angry Old Man. It's fun, though--in the last few years, I've seen such acts as Ministry, the Black Angels, and NIN (twice). That's an impressive list you have!

@BikerDude50 - your list is impressive as well. I just know that they are a LOT of fun, and I plan on going to a lot more.

Oh! And I forgot - met the guys of Breaking Benjamin - as a matter of fact, my profile photo is us there (my brother and I - I bought the tickets and had originally asked my ex wife to go - it's her favorite band - and since we had never gotten to see them while we were married, I figured I'd treat her. She ended up backing out the day of the show, so my brother filled in and we went to see them). They put on a great show as well (and sound as good in person as playing their album).

Oh, and have seen Smile Empty Soul and the guy who was Hinder's lead for years as well... ????

@BikerDude50 - oh, and I've seen Mushroomhead in concert too. They put on one hell of a show. We were close enough we were just about feeling the water droplets from their drums (you would have had to have been there - awesome show!).


My music tastes vary according to my mood,but I do listen to classical often. My favs are Strauss (both father and son) , Shostakovich,and Waldteufel to name a few


Ilisten to classical music every day. Favorite composers include Copland, Stravinsky, Sebelius, Max Bruch, Beethoven, Liszt, Schumann, and many others.


I've never taken classes and I can't carry a tune in a bucket but my music player has maybe 20% classical. My favorite composers are Respighi and Debussy. Also I like more modern instrumentals. I'm a big fan of Vangelis and Jean Michel Jarre.


Sometimes when i am making a post I get stuck trying to find the right adjectives .But I think classical music is : glorious,triumphant,thrilling,sombre,solemn,dramatic,uplifting,brilliant, intense.How did civilization go from this to rap music which is : annoying,repetitive,repulsive,corrosive, hateful,obscene and illiterate


I can appreciate classical music from all eras but my favorites are the "power" composers: Beethoven, Wagner, Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky among them.

I wasn't exposed to much before taking a college music major but I was already a huge fan of bands of the Progressive Rock era (popular roughly 1970-90). Keith Emerson (ELP) and Rick Wakeman (Yes) are two of several who have written multi-movement orchestral works I hope someday are accepted as the classical masterpieces I perceive them to be.

These days I follow Symphonic Metal though, while borrowing freely of all historical classical styles their songwriters (unlike actual "composers" ), usually stick to basic song forms.


Oh yes, but a rather narrow range of composers and types. Not at all moved by 'experimental' pieces. Haydn, Mozart, J.S. Bach, Brahms, Boccherini, Beethoven, and I like a little Wagner on occasion, but rare. I'm not much on opera, though I have to admit that anything by Beverly Sills will hold my attention. My musical tastes are rather eclectic, but I do love many of the classics.


I listen to it on occasion - along with new age, rock, hard rock, and metal. Been to at least 30 concerts, as well as a couple symphonies. It's not my default, but yes, on occasion it's what I need...

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