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How is it anyway possible for Noah to have been able to get 2 of every animal in the ark? And how did he feed them all and have room for their food?? And how did Cane and Able go out and find wives when no one else was meant to have survived the flood?

Graeme 4 Dec 29

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It's a pile of shit


Not only that but how did he keep the carnivores from eating everyone else? And the excrement!! Can you imagine? I have one small cat and multiply her by.... In theory they dumped it overboard, but ya still gotta haul it to the side of the ship. Ugh!




You're going to LOVE this!


(Though apparently you'll have to copy and paste the link...sorry!)


you're right, the story is full of holes. also, inbreeding and incest would be a problem for noah's animals (and for adam and eve).


And you see the problem. Just magic.

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