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If god first made paradise after creating the earth, god invented photosynthesis allowing all life to sustain itself converting energy.
THEN god opts to make the animal kingdom, and yet already successful with photosynthesis , he makes animals dependent upon consuming living tissue to sustain ourselves. Now this is not INTELLIGENT DESIGN. We must kill to eat and yet trees merely sustain on the sunlight

By EMC28
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If we're so intelligently designed, why are our sexual organs and excretory organs in the same place?

because evolution put our shit where the fan is It is like watching a republican wiping their head after the morning constitution.


He gave us dominion over lesser animals so that makes it OK to kill and eat them. That is the answer that I got from a religious idiot.

noworry28 Level 7 Dec 30, 2017

That is the typical, Recall the times they chanted to drill claiming that coal was put there by god for our use. If that is the case why do they use their brain to think unlike a reptile response

Anything a people wants, just say, "God ordained it."

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