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Professional parent in small town looking for advice

Hello All,

I am a parent of a young child in a small town in Ohio, and i am also employed as an executive with a local firm. Religion is a staple in this area, and the lack of religion is frowned upon in family situations, as well as most professional situations here as well. I'm hoping to connect with someone who is in a similar situation, and to be able to discuss some of my challenges and personal struggles with all of this.

Take care,

birddog 2 June 27

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Keep quiet...when asked say you are still tied to your former hometown (perfectly true) and change the subject!


I am a single dad I have 7-year-old twins. We moved to a very small town of 400 or fewer people. We have been here for almost 2 years. About a year ago the wife of the Baptist preacher approached us and asked what our religious affiliation was. Without hesitation I said agnostic. She had invited us to attend Sunday school. I did it very reluctantly. Over that time the Pastor and his wife became friendly. I was having a hard time digesting the religious rhetoric. I started making excuses why could not attend the sessions. After I had made the 5th excuse the pastor's wife asked me if they offended me somehow. I told her straight out that I could not take the religious myths and that I have been a lifelong agnostic. The pastor's wife told me that they understand. We remained friendly. She even located me a cleaning lady.

azzow2 Level 9 June 27, 2018

better to be friends in such a small place. Nice she could handle that


My daughter's grown now but I was in your situation for many years. I always told her that religion is PROFOUNDLY PERSONAL (in age-appropriate terms, of course) and that we never, ever discuss it with other people. (She liked secrets.) For myself (ESPECIALLY with my "I am a fisher of men" boss) I used the same terms. " religion is very personal and I'd rather not discuss it." Were people suspicious? Sure. BUT...could they openly (or even covertly) criticize me? Nope.

I wish you luck. Consider moving. I'm serious about that.


For professional reasons you might want to consider affiliating with a Unitarian church. The Unitarians have next to no religious content, but might satisfy your business need to look conventional.

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