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QUESTION Soft Cell - Sex Dwarf - YouTube

This is for... someones Fictitious Mooother... a sexy, dwarf, prostitute! I think... she should also be an amputee, but... i could be wrong...

Sadoi 7 June 27

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@azzow2 Hahah Well, Marc Almond threw this fun time together the same time Depeche was out and about doing their thing. Back before Dave got super junkied out and poor Martin had to cover Dave's ass. Grrr! You got your time period and genre correctamundo Fonzie. 😉

I always preferred Martin to Dave. Kinda like i preferred Johnny Marr to Morrissey. 🙂

Sadoi Level 7 June 27, 2018

Seemed a bit techno at first for me then kind of poured into the Depeche mode tempo.

azzow2 Level 9 June 27, 2018
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