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Agnostic/Ex-Religious: Was “hip” church even more boring?

Speaking for myself as I’m working through some of this but wondering if this affects others: Did you go to service because of spouse/family/kids/s.o but just not feel the Holy Spirit/presence of God/whatever? After having attended services out of habit with and without my ex for the last 15 years, it just feels more clear that I couldn’t and can’t be a megachurch Christian in particular not just because of my doubts, but I just get bored by what is supposed to be uplifting praise music even when it is technically performed very well..,the whole but where some in the crowd raise their hands up in the air and what not.

And yet when I at least tried more traditional mainline denominations, I could at least feel a sense of sincerity in the choir, as old-fashioned as some of the hymns may have been, and for a long time I thought I might just be a Mainline Protestant who could deal with staid traditions because I could at least agree with the social justice messages, but the overriding message I’ve seen recently from a lot of Evangelicals around here is that any such church is invalid at best and to some, no better than nihilism (actual discussion I had with a couple of Christian Reformed Church pastors). So I guess what I’m trying to figure out is whether I tuned out the message because I’m not a “Believer” or if the message just isn’t communicated in a way that would ever get across to me.

Brio77 5 Dec 31

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Reminds me of my religion-shopping experiences: I knew Christianity wasn't for me, so I sampled from the buffet of world belief until I got tired of ingesting things that tasted interesting but wouldn't sit in my stomach. Ultimately, I had to accept that there isn't a form into which I can pour myself--forms and I don't get along, period.


Some of us just weren't made for religious bullshit. I ride every way in the world to make it feel real, because I was taught that was the only way, but it just didn't work for me.


After a long hiatus from age 18 to 40, I started attending s hip little community church. The music rocked and was largely new to me, which I enjoyed. The messages were lively, even if I had to take them with a grain of salt.

After attending for a few years, the music all started sounding the same and missed the mark with me. The messages boiled down to two: guilting the congregants into tithing and "bring a friend to church!", again, to increase revenue. The superficiality drove me out.

Zster Level 8 Dec 31, 2017

Well, since sometimes metal music fueled pagan rituals and the acoustic music of wiccan fertility rites don't qualify as churches...

I "masqueraded" as a xian to work in three churches as a music director (hey, I was an active addict too at the time...I'd NEVER do it now!) and kept the music as varied and upbeat as possible. Ironically, it was as a baptist church I was allowed, expected, to use a "rock band" was funny as hell watching them wiggle and squirm...trying NOT to dance!

After I got clean I did attend a unitarian universalist church a few months. (I had pagan friends there.) The music was very good and diverse was just the hodgepodge of cherry picked scriptures of several religions seemed more ludicrous to me than just sticking with one that I couldn't tolerate.

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