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Is there such a thing as a Christian child, Muslim Child or any kind of religious child?

If you answer yes, please justify. I tend to subscribe to there being no such thing as a religious child, which begs the question, what about religious schools? I would like to see all schools being made secular, I am not saying ban religion, just that children should not be told 'you are a christian (or muslim, or whatever), therefore you beleive this' Surely this is the wrong way to bring children up

RobH86 7 Dec 31

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Of course not, all children are innocent until brainwashed.


No.....they all play together,don`t they?


Child, yes. Newborn, no. Infancy, questionable.


Absolutely there is, I was one. My family indoctrinated me into fundamentalism from birth. I was a Christian because I had no choice. I was incapable of not thinking religiously.
I got older and was able to think for myself and understand that everything I was taught may not always be correct . It was then that in was able to become an Apistevist- one whom does not make decisions based on faith.

This being said I was religious as I was taught to be. We are not born Broncos fans, democrats, or dead heads. We certainly are not born religious.

I would argue based on what you have just said that there is no such thing as a religous child, just a child that belongs to a religous family?

No I was a child that actually believed was I was taught. I was in fact a religious child. We are talking about two different things here. Is it possible for a child to be religious? (Yes) What is the cause of children being religious is a different question. That being external factors. Children do learn religion from their environment it is not something that spontaneously occurs.

One thing I would like to add here is another question that may be mashed into this issue. Are we born religious? No. There have been cultures found in the last 150 years that have no concept of God, religion, or any spiritual elements. This eliminates the possibility that humans are "born" with a desire to seek spirituality, gods etc. So we are not "born" to believe.


are there Muslim or Christian tadpoles?

exactly my point just like asking if children are one religion or another. if you hadn't figured that out its way less than intelligent


I think it is really a question of rights. Its the rights of the parents to bring up their children as they wish too, versus the rights of the children themselves to be educated in a fair way

I bought mine up to think for themselves and there both atheists

@LeighShelton I brought my 3 up to think for themselves and 2 are atheists, and one is christian (because he married one).

you can't win them all


I agree -no religious schools-they've been around a long time-not going away anytime soon-not with this mostly Pub Congress and Betsy Devos, Secretary of Education.


Whilst my father was brought up a Christian and I am not sure what religion my mother followed as a child, they allowed us to attend religious teaching sessions and follow the path we chose.

I think that the way children are brought up is very varied across the globe and changes with time (hopefully progresses into a more critical thinking and compassionate process). It is quite normal for parents to want to give their children a sense of culture and belonging and perhaps it should be extra curricular or away from the school.

How one brings up their children is very emotive and there is probably no one "right way".

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