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Just like a kitten

btroje 9 June 30

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Well.... they like puppies... so...?

give em one

@btroje one wouldnt be enough. Throw a kid , pig, Big dog or whatever you want to die at them. Have a great time....

@BucketlistBob Bob I don't have one of these. WOuldnt want to be feeding them critters

@btroje. Oh heck.... i can't believe i wrote that.... im so sorry... Geeze... that sounded terrible what i sorry .... i was half asleep.

@BucketlistBob thanks. it did sound pretty mean


Nope, nope, nope. All my pets will have fur. No lizards, snakes, or spiders. And truthfully barnyard animals are not pets either, or bunnies or mice.

Baby goats are adorable though. 🙂


@Paul628 Yes, they are as well as lambs, chickens, and foals, but out in the fields/barns/meadows. Not in my house. The pot bellied pig craze drove me nuts.

@Paul628 especially when they wear jammies


OMG, I've been to Komodo Island, and that's the last thing I'd do with one of them.

its not a komodo, but a cousin

I read where the komodos are getting more aggressive. As in going to the second floor of the park offices and chomping a ranger. In that same article someone was lamenting how they won't be able to sneak up on one and mess with its tail anymore


Big truckload of NOPE!


cuddling another era 🙂


I'm not feeling the kitten similarities.

look harder

@btroje lolololol?.... Oh is that why it looks so full?

@hankster probably

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