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Do you believe in Astrology?

Do you believe in Astrology?
Based on your birth date and even your hour of birth and your city of birth, astrologers can build a reading of you and your personality. I personally think there is zero truth to astrology. What do you believe? Is there some truth to astrology? Does anyone have any references either way to help us in our deliberations?

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ripcurldane 7 Jan 1

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The only good thing about astrology is that it gave birth to astronomy. It should have died in childbirth.


It's mythology, nothing more.


I have a good friend who holds a PhD in physics from one of Europe's top universities and claims to be an ardent believer in astrology.

In private, he admits that in general it's just much easier to get women in bars to talk to him if he offers them a personalised astrological chart rather than offers to explain quantum field theory.

Jnei Level 8 Jan 1, 2018

I love that and I can relate as well. When I was about 23 and naive about hocus pocus i read a book about palm reading and could rattle off the standard blurb about the fate line, and you have a nice ladies hand in your hand and touching that fate line, its a very intimate act really and they love it! I can't sink to that depth now though,......or can I

Never tried that with anyone.. it just wasn't something I did to get attention or draw anyone into my web so to speak. Never needed to stoop to that level. Most don't understand it so therefore they feel it's not worthy or anything. I guess one would have to actually get a real chart done to comprehend it all. I am not here to debate if it works or not, I know what it has done for people and I know what it's not.


I also used to do professional birthcharts and if you have the correct information, there is a lot of truth to it. I know, it's hard to believe until you have it done or you do these on people you have never met before in your life and blow their minds. Then ask what is the % of accuracy and they rated 95% or higher each time. I am here to debate if it's real or not, I honestly don't understand all myself but the science behind it all doesn't lie. But to get a good reading, you need to have all the correct info before even starting it. Theres a lot of work to doing them. This has nothing to do with those stupid ass horoscopes you find in the funny section of the paper or off the internet on here.. that's just a crap shoot if it is accurate or not and its very generic. Professional charts is a blue print of who and what you are according to the line up of the planets at the time of birth.

Maybe so. I just have a hard time accepting that stellar bodies, plantets,etc have an influence on your personally, character,etc. Stellar objects are constantly moving. There position today is not where they were yesterday,or where they'll be tmrrow....sorry, personality.

Yes, that is why the time of birth is important. Because where things were say 30 yrs ago, is not going to be the same as it is now. That will also determine outcomes of the charts done now compared to then but what is set up at that exact time of birth will be set. It is so hard to explain on here. So for example, identical twins compared to fraternal twins depending on time of birth, will show their personalities different if born 6 minutes apart or more.

@Nemosson That explains why i'm so bipolar!!!! Lol.

Right... Let's assume it's true (which it isn't, no proof) but then how can you use celestial body positions if the most stars we see in the sky have been long dead, and we only see their light? Predictions and charts are mostly based on a blue print of a map that's no longer there

It's not based on any stars but about celestial bodies of the planets in the positions they were at the time of birth. It's not predictions, its more about the interpretations and tendencies of specific ways of behavior where there is a pattern shown in the charts.

@mistymoon77 constellations ARE celestial bodies, so are planets. You contradict yourself in your own explanation. Astrology is woo, plain and simple. Interpretations of behavior and personality are way better done by actually observing a person rather than some chart.


Absolutely not and I include a discussion of why not in my college class.


Even if there was any validity to this in the beginning, which I don't believe, by now the "signs" have precessed & are no longer in the same "houses" as they originally were. & astrology has not updated itself to account for this, as if it'd make a difference!

Yes - the galaxy’s not static …and Earth’s never been, nor will it ever be in the ‘same place’ again..


The only reason I believe there is some truth to astrology is because my friend Angela used to do my charts and for personalities it held true.


I'm a Pisces "poster child". I won't bore you with the details. Just google it for many similar descriptions.

I once studied the tiresome (though often insightful) techniques of casting horoscopes...for a time. It never held my interest long enough to ever cast one but I learned quite a bit from this youthful passing fancy.

Astrology was not merely earlier generations' astronomy but also psychology. Thousands of years of research resulted in what we know as "horoscopes" today.

I've never had a chart done and we all know your average newspaper or "astrologists'" readings are ambiguous generalizations at best.

Still, some general insights can be gained from astrology...though mileage may vary.


Look at us -- Skeptics across the board! 😉

Varn Level 8 Jan 1, 2018

What I find fascinating is that a person can be incredibly skeptical and require proof of one thing and yet not of another thing. Selective Skepticity.


Astrology is at least as silly and absurd as religious mythology, if not more. It is obvious that there is no possible way for it to work. Why people believe in it is an absolute mystery to me, why atheists would believe in it is a depressing mystery to me.


why are there so many different futures according to the newspapers ??


When I worked in a homoeopathic hospital (don't ask) one of the physiotherapists was Irish and one of the medics was Indian (from India).

Both were into astrology.

In the sitting area of the dining room after lunch, and while having a conversation on the topic, they both dared me to give them my details to make readings - each according to their very different systems. I put them on their honour not to collude over it and I am certain that they didn't.

A couple of days later we returned and they each had a reading (this would have cost a fortune if I were to pay for such things). Basically, each, in their own very different way said almost exactly the same things. The Indians and the Irish don't even have the same number of planets in their charts.

After telling me things that were not obvious from simply knowing me they started conversing between themselves. "Look at all the 4's!!! "That's not 4's in my system but I get the same result!!" "He doesn't accept any higher authority." I said I would if I found one and they both gasped.

Of course I don't believe in astrology. I'm Taurus and Taureans typically don't.

But it does seem to have a measure of internal consistency.

@Lonely I did?


its another pile of shit like religion.


I am a believer in astrology, I am a Libra and I would say 90% of things said about Libras ring true to me. I have been in relationships and had good friends who are Pisces, Taurus, Capricorn, Aquarius and Scorpio. I would say 90% of what they say about those signs rings true as well. I would love to study astrology. Im fascinated by it.

Sacha Level 7 Jan 1, 2018

@Lonely I'm here, because I don't believe in god, There was nothing about astrology when joining up. So not too strange. 🙂


I think that given the ancients believed in Three Tiered Cosmology. They originally probably believed in the astral mythology, however by the time the Old Testament was written it just became a way to map the stars as to their location inside the dome beyond the firmament. Heck, we still use the planet names today and nobody prays to Mars or Venus anymore. I hope.


Personally, I do not give people my DOB when I first get to know them as it gives believers in Astrology a false sense of knowing who I am, and I guarantee you they do not and cannot know who I am based on astrology or numerology.


I will not slag off Mer,cains, I will not slag off off Mer,cains.


While I in general do not believe in astrology, I tend to believe that there is some correlation between the date birth and personality. Yet I think it is more related to the specific seasonal traits around which our lifecycles "tick" rather than the position of the stars in the sky.


It's alot of fun in the right situation to to actualy belive in it? NO!


Of course it's true - I'm a scorpio so I'm VERY SEXY!
Well actually, only when there's an 'r' in the month.
And then only if I'm not wearing my Bridget Jones pants.


Only if it suited my purposes.

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