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LINK If the Next Supreme Court Bans Abortion, It Will Backfire on White Evangelicals – Friendly Atheist

Interesting point of view.

Maybe the fastest way to make more non-believers is to give the evangelicals more power. Who would have thought.

HoustonSagan 4 July 1

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I know there are some hardcore evangelicals who genuinely want to overturn RvW and that crosses the two parties, however, I don't believe the majority of Republicans really want it. I think they know that if they get what they wish for it will bite them in the ass because they will lose that big bargaining chip that serves to divide everyone, and bring the evangelicals to the voting booth.


SCOTUS won't ban abortion, at the most they'll overturn Roe v Wade and make it a state issue but I think that's extremely unlikely bc SCOTUS rarely negates decades of case law on a single case.


I don’t see that happening but even if it did it will be back as the majority of the people favor it especially in the first 20 weeks.


Not gonna happen. Collins just announced she will not vote for a nominee with known anti-abortion sentiment, but beyond that Roberts is extremely reluctant to overturn precedent.


That all remains to be seen. Besides, IF the SCOTUS does overturn Roe, it will be a done deal and will remains so.

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