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LINK A Review of Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon by Daniel C. Dennet

This book is trying to encourage a dialogue on religion by religious and non-religious thinkers within an evolutionary framework, so looking at the evolution of religion and seeing who benefits and in what way. Pretty interesting stuff which might appeal to a few people here.

Denker 7 July 5

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Dostoevsky's wrote that atheists 'were always talking about something else'. The Archbishop of Canterbury suggested those other things were strategy for survival and explanation of difficult things, two things that religion does not do well. Dennet comes at it from the points of view of agency and intention on God's part. Religious people believe that God was the agent who created the world and his intention is to save mankind. It is a great article, thank you for posting it, and encourages people to look at the development of religion from the perspective of evolutionary biology.


I have read Dennett's book twice and I can recommend it to all of you who are interested in religion as an evolutionary phenomenon (except those who are allergic to the concept of "memes" (invented by Richard Dawkins in his book "The Selfish Gene" ).

IMO Dennett's theory is sound and much more sophisticated than the more polemical books written by Sam Harris or Christopher Hitchens.


I've read and viewed, saw videos etc. from Daniel Dennet. He has a very non threatening way of his views on why some believe, and why some others don't. He's easy to listen to.

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