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Isn’t it almost painful when someone blame someone who doesn’t hear the voice of god?

I used to get accused all of the time for not having enough faith when I could never hear the voice of god talking to me. I’m sorry, but I’ve never a day in my life heard voices. Has anybody else ever had that struggle with anybody, who was a believer. It’s actually really sad and scary that someone could tell a child that.

By EmeraldJewel7
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It's actually quite funny. They are so easy to wind up, almost too easy.

Here is what you do when someone starts talking about hearing God:

Answer with, "I don't think I gave him my number." "He has my number, but isn't replying to any of my messages." "Does he have Skype?"

They aren't big fans of sarcasm or being patronised. Though if you want to be nice about it, just say "that's nice."


Santa Claus and the Easter bunny, snakes, or goats walking on two legs never spoke to me either.


I have heard people make the claim, but I also identify that as them not knowing how to differentiate between their conscience and their individual thoughts about problem solving, I feel those are two distinct voices in my head.


I've never heard voices.


It is things like that which is my pet peeve. All the time people are telling others that they should do what no one can do. You Should Have More Faith. That statement is based on a belief that we have something like a volume control, that we can increase or decrease the strength of desires, trust, love ect. It is a common fallacy, and it's at the base of all our problems as human beings.


did you ever hear the voice of Santa Claus?lol

dc65 Level 7 Jan 3, 2018

Lol nope!

@EmeraldJewel do you still believe it Santa Claus? Why or why not?


so believers are bipolar

I believe that is also diagnosed as schizophrenia. Also speaking in tongues is like having a stroke, I think.

yes same meat stronger gravy


It's awful. Especially as they don't realise that people who hear voices are often confined to mental hospitals.

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