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Hello fellow non-believers

What is the most difficult question or argument you have received from a theist?
Or if none, what’s the most ridiculous?

Computerjones 4 July 8

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This ignorant request. "Prove to me that there isn't God". Thing is, how you reason with people who hold unshakable believe in creator? We may dismiss their arrogance and move on; only problem is that their activities, actions affect our lives irreparably.


The argument that if I don't have a I don't have values or morals either. As if a is what forces you to be a moral person and have values!

I don't have morals. My guiding principle is to avoid harm, harm to my fellow animals, harm to the environment. But i use moving devices equiped with combustion engines.


I think you really struggle when Christians talk about the existence of God that is confirmed in their hearts. It's where religion and psychology meet and separate at the same time. For the Christian, the heart is where the person and God meet. For the atheist, it is where a person and his or her feelings meet. That's probably when the atheist and the Christian should agree to differ.

The Hindus have 33 000 000 million gods ... The Christians don't believe in them.

Yes indeed.


"I like to beilieve that there is something after death." It is not exactly an argument. But it is a comment. I am uncomfortable with the thought of telling such a person that death may actually be the end. I believe I responded by saying that there is no reason not to believe that there is something after death. (Their may not be reason to believe it either.) It's a who knows kinda thing.

MrDMC Level 7 July 8, 2018

Why does it make you feel uncomfortable? Just tell them that feel perfectly comfortable with the idea.the death is the.end of your story.


Prayer and miracles work!

Haha, my answer would be... great! Supply some verifiable and testable evidence and you get the Nobel prize!


“Are you not afraid you will roast in hell”? They just could not grasp that it was a nonsensical question me as I don’t believe in the concept of heaven and hell. This was just typical of many questions I’ve had posed over the years, but you cannot have a rational duscussion with someone who is coming from the viewpoint of blind faith, not evidential argument.

Yep, that’s a classic.

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