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In the few hours I have spent on this site, I have found some of THE most insightful ideas and inspirations that would have taken years to mine.

You people are truly awesome!

LucifersPen 7 Jan 4

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Welcome here and I concur.


Thanks and welcome! We want to hear your thoughts as well.


thank you


aawwww, shucks! Welcome, greetings, merry met and all that.

We're a diverse lot but you'll find your community soon enough, if you're active. See you on the boards!


And you are too, or you probably wouldn't appreciate what you're reading !


Welcome to the alternative portal of light without dogmatic gods!!!! 2018.


Many people feel the same way. Welcome to our little beach community! Bar's over there...

A Tiki bar?

@CeciRosane60 - use your imagination!

@Hominid Tiki bar in Islamorada and caipirinhas... yay


welcome to the group

This is the thing, why can our neighbors or co-workers be like the people here?
I am amazed at the intelligence, the niceness different of FB and Tweeter...wish we could meet somewhere...

@CeciRosane60 there is safety in the relative anonymity of the internet. When we interact with people on a day to day basis i think it is in the back of our minds not to make ourselves too vulnerable as we may not like the consequences and won't be able to escape so easily


I feel the same!


I feel the same way...I am learning so much...


Shame about those who speak about women as though we're a different species though... and the promotion of eugenics I've noticed far too much of also!

I look at a group of people -- online or in real life -- and am never surprised that there are one or two who are "off" to me, or who are not people I connect with, or who annoy me.

What do you mean by "promotion of eugenics," Trapezoid?

@BlueWave almost looks like a post from a different thread

@BlueWave was another thread yes, about restrictions on who should breed. I'll try to just scroll past like a grown up next time 🙂


I had the same feeling when I joined this site recently! It was very refreshing!

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