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Charlotte, NC anyone?

Who is in the Charlotte area? Who wants to hang out?

tryingcake 7 July 10

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When I was about 18 had lived in a little town near Pickens South Carolina. I was only there for about 6 months. I had made an awesome friend there we have remained good friends for a very long time, even still talking on the phone on occasion. There is something about the south, it is such a different world.

azzow2 Level 9 July 10, 2018

Yes there is. I'm not an overall fan. But I do have a few good friends here.


I'm moving to Wilmington soon! Also, will be in Ashville in April 2019!

I love Wilmington!

@tryingcake Really? I am worried about being such a blue in a red state...I also worry about being in the bible belt...

Wilmington is its own little world. But yes. Be careful. My son has been fired twice for being an atheist. That's not the reason they gave him. But twice within 2 days of finding out he was an atheist he lost his job.

@tryingcake How terrible! I won't be working, luckily, except online with my current clients. I am just moving there for the beach and as home base to travel. I hate winter.

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