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I was accused of being the Antichrist since I don't believe in God. I don't think Jesus existed either. Does that mean the person accusing me is a liar ?

jwm03h 6 Jan 4

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Wow. I only ever rated "demon".

You accuser probably thinks it's the "gospel truth" but there is a mind I really don't want to "rummage around in" for long.

@jwm03h Having grown up with and all around them I know first hand: "gospel truth" takes an absolute minimum of brain cells.


I would just tell them that the antichrist is just as fictional as god, jesus, satan, zeus, odin, and all the 'gods' that mankind has created over our history.


If it were me I'd run with it. But I'm just an old fart without much to lose.

I don't think it makes your accuser a liar but it makes him sound foolish. Logically by that thinking the majority of us here are the Antichrists. It must be a movement.

gearl Level 7 Jan 4, 2018

Just deluded, be patient with them.


It means the person accusing you is delusional.


Hmm! The Antichrist. It seems to that many people operate on the basis if you are not for them then you must be against them. There is the distinct inability to reason that if you are not for them you might not also be against them....


More like brainwashed....

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