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Mistakes suck. We all make them, probably everyday. I want to correct the mistakes that I make, some more than others. What are some of your greatest mistakes, and did you have the opportunity to correct them?

NothinnXpreVails 8 July 10

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I raised my children in a cult. Then I left the cult. Then my children wondered why they went through that hell for nothing. I have had no opportunity to correct it.


not providing economic safety for my later life when i was young would be my big failure. leaving a relationship before its time due to laziness/hedonism would be the other. but as things in the past can't be fixed, i avoid to keep looking back, or i will lose the rest of my life in regret. i cherish the moment, if possible.


Picking partners that are self destructive & self absorbed.


I lowered my standards to be with my former partner. When the shit hit the fan, I realized that there was a reason the standards existed. And I needed to keep them.


Getting into debt. Big, big lesson right now turning it around.

Student debt is choking me...

@NothinnXpreVails Mine is both (student loan and credit card). Trying to do what I can to avoid bankruptcy.

@bleurowz I hear that bankruptcy does nothing for student debt

@NothinnXpreVails I think there's some sort of clemency program. I will have to look it up.

@bleurowz I’ve gotten virtually nowhere with it

@NothinnXpreVails 😟

@NothinnXpreVails you could look into forbearances or deferments....kind of extentions and payment lowering options with the DOE. for the student loans anyway.


started smoking cigarettes, aint quit yet.


Got married . Got divorced .



I recently made a mistake on here with a poorly played joke. NO chance to correct it

btroje Level 9 July 10, 2018

Absolvo te. Go in peace to love and serve the Lord.

@brentan thank you brother! I know I can piss people off I just don't like to piss off the good guys

@btroje LOL I guess we're only as good as our most unacceptable post. Asking for an average might be a bit too complicated.

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