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What would a global political system look like?

Coming from a sci-fi perspective in part but if the earth were to ever go from Nations where we identified as American, Canadian or the like, to identifying as Earthlings or Humans from Planet Earth, what kind of system would support and maintain such a global coming together?

DreadlySmart 5 Jan 4

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It seems to me it would have to be a very loosely-organized political structure if it is to succeed beyond the first wave of revolution. There is a connection in proportion between each of three factors: 1) size of populace, 2) tightness of control, and 3) individual appetite for governance. All three have to be carefully balanced. As one factor rises/lowers in significance or impact over the other two, control problems arise. This is only compounded when scaling up.


like a smaller one but bigger


A form of meritocracy but equality of opportunity must be guaranteed so those born to disadvantageous circumstances are able to rise as high as they are able without being hamstrung.


I have my vision about a generally democratic and liberal political system, moderately leftist (in sense of redistribution), yet individualistic still (establishing and defending personal freedom, opposing the collectivist socialism) and strong checks on power (both political and economical).
Yet I would change the voting right criteria from age to general competency in political, economical, legal and social matters (at the assumed level of a 10-th grader) - everyone that had passed a standard exam within the last three years - votes, regardless of age. Assuming education up to 12-th grade at least is free and available to anyone at any time.


Look at the current contenders, including a Trump led "free world". The wishes for a "world order" from every theist camp. After considering these most dystopian systems consider the range to our most utopian.

I lean toward a social democracy but that's only as "perfect" as the people leading it, as in any political system.

From a sci-fi perspective, both the Empire and the Rebels considered their planetary ruling system to be "best".

True, and if you look at Star Trek or Futurama(because doesn't comedy show the true truth?haha), they don't really state how it works, just that it is how it is. I may need to comment about 'democracy' in a separate place because I completely disagree with the idea that 51% of those that participate determine matters that effect 100% of the populous.


Let me check with karl marx... get back to you.

I've always seen Communism better implemented as an economic structure opposed to a political system. Which might sound batty but really "from each according to their ability, to each according to their need" is more economical than governance, but we seem to want to govern the economy... Thinking on it now, does it seems strange to anyone else that a political system influences the economy? Why cannot they not be separate? I can't recall the exact wording, but I had a professor define government as a system that protects its citizens from foreign conquest or something to that affect...

@DreadlySmart the only problem with communism is humans wants more than the next guy. greed, envy, a different tone color, a higher chair, etc.

@GipsyOfNewSpain, agreed, but what I learned in College is that if you start with the 'ideal' situation (friction-less surface, infinite potentials, etc...) then through small permutations you can arrive at a real world solution. In QM this is perturbation theory but I feel it works with world issues as well.

@DreadlySmart I remember reading about the guy that invented Socialism sort of... Saint Simon? I remember in France he created a socialist community... the community was more successful after he died. I believe it was 19th century France.


We have a ways to go. I wouldn't want to see everything in one basket as of yet.

gearl Level 7 Jan 5, 2018

Until we had some other planets to actually compete with, it would be a disaster and wouldn't last long. Competition is too much a part of how we thrive, find meaning, and grow collectively and individually for it to work in a single-planet situation.

As for what kind of system... That would be hard. It would have to scale to nearly ten times the number of people of any extant governmental system (probably more). It would have to be manageable in multiple languages. It would have a harder time pulling off many of the tricks that modern nations use to technically keep financially solvent. Not being a political scientist, I really don't know what would fit the bill, but it would be really hard to do well.

What's the saying, competition breeds innovation? So you're thinking we need a globally accepted 'enemy', more or less, before we could even begin to construct a global political system?


I would think it would be a ai run government where robots do everything and humans get unlimited food, education and shelter. Something like star trek since people are talking how capitalism will colapse in the near future. Also there would be more spending on social welfare programs like universal healthcare and military spending would be at record lows

You hinted at that if we eliminated currency and capitalism it would be easier to have a global political system, correct? I mean you still say 'spending' but I interpret that as; once capitalism falls and we're more like Earth in Star Trek that we're distributing 'resources' from all over the globe to enriching ourselves and not killing each other. There would still need to be checks on the ebb and flow of resources and that is where AI would be handy... So really we need to improve technology before we can improve our politics and right now politics hinder technological/scientific advancement.

They are going to be because of future technology making it so. You could argue that thenology has made food unlimited now as in fast food. What wouldnt be unlimited would be babies, couldnt have more then two kids. If you wanted more kids you would have to do a lottery. Sure sounds bad to some but right now we are ruining the planet for future generations. There is alway a sacrifice, most people in america and the western world only have one to two kids anyway.


Sapiens would need to evolve past the need for superstition and myth, for this to even be a realistic possibility. Are current tribal tendency would undermine any attempt to be a one United world nation...

Interesting, so you don't think this is possible even if people with beliefs in superstition and mythology were more tolerant to others of differing views?

@DreadlySmart only a Sith, deals in absolutes! So yeah. It's possible but very unlikely.

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