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Favorite marijuana strain?

SFV OG by GLP is my favorite marijuana strain. Do you have a favorite?

stulosophy 4 Jan 4

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Oh that's a tough one. I've smoked so much good shit.

I'll tell you an idea I have for a strain name though. Name it in honor of Carl Sagan (who also smoked) and call it 'Starstuff'.


Silverback Kush


And I'm sorry it's not legal everywhere. YAY OREGON!


Therapy, followed by Cherry Skunk!


I like Kush and Skunks. Depends what I want, Kush for my pain and puddle-ness, Skunks for fun. Diesel are good too. Durbin Poison isn’t a fave.

I’d like to say that your post was most likely jibberish to most. First because no one understands your acronyms, and second, unless one has came across a particular cross, it’s much easier to go with parent strains.

There aren’t a lot of tokers here.

And I see this is your first post, so Welcome. 🙂


the question was your favorite? well, in 1969 "Patarana" came to Puerto Rico from Africa, not even the then "Panama Red" could get close. My smoking days ended about 1980. So I can only speak of the past not the present. Sorry to not able to bring light on current strains. Enjoy it dudes. I pass, I already enjoyed the Real Deal back then there was no strain.

Very cool! I didn't take it up until just 8 years ago and had no idea about strains etc. Just got whatever the shady guy in the dark alley had hiding in his coat pocket. 😀


Does ganja count?

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