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Annunaki and other EBEs

Who thinks the angels, fallen ones and the role of The God were all extraterrestrials? Or if that's the newest attempt to make a one world religion? Were all the gods of cultures past truly not of this world like humanoid beings capable of traveling the cosmos, or are the stories an allegory for the movement of stars and planets?

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sacredchao 2 July 13

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All I know is that a huge leap forward was made in Mesopotamia about 6000 years ago and we're trying to understand was it from gods or natural progression.


Interviews from those who have had Close Encounters indicate several species visit Earth. We see that they generally don't engage humans. Thus, it is unlikely that they would come, interact and behave as Gods. I would hope they would be more mature than that.

That they are here at all indicates that they have cultures stable enough to persist through time. If they were here during Human evolution, it's possible they might push the species in one direction or another. However, I know of no biochemical or other evidence that would suggest interference. Nothing about our biochemistry suggests anything more than Natural Selection.


There are some possibilities along these same lines that could be included. One, that it is not an either/or proposition, but a combination of both. That is, at some point in evolution the human genome was modified by some kind of higher intelligence. Two, aside from extraterrestrials being the source of that higher intelligence, it's arguably as likely that they could have been time-traveling humans or extraterrestrials. Not that I'm a proponent of any of these possibilities, but if humanity ever does figure out how to travel into the past, it might give us those answers... or inadvertently trigger the modification.

bingst Level 8 July 14, 2018

If humans were created by other beings, how did the other beings come into existence? The gods were not aliens.

@sacredchao I do not understand fractal geometry (I can analyze poetry, though) but I understand your point. Long ago, I had a debate with one of my son's friends who proposed the either/or fallacy that humans either evolved or were seeded by aliens--his did not include creation, but rested on the "fact" that evolution did not occur and we were seeded by aliens. I asked him where the aliens "came from" and if they evolved or were "seeded," and the light dawned in his eyes. "I never thought of that," he admitted. 🙂


I would love to believe that the gods were ETs but I just can't see it. I believe that the universe is teeming with life but I'm not too sure about higher life, it takes a tremendous amount of coincidences for us to be here. they happened so we are here. if there are any others in the universe IMHO they are few and are between unfortunately. gods were thought up to explain things in the natural world that primitive humans could not explain. A lot of people still buy into this kind of thinking.


Evolution is proven fact. Sounds like what you're talking about is a mixture of Stargate Star Trek and the Thor movies lol

Tejas Level 6 July 13, 2018
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