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I seriously love Sam Harris' book, 'Letter to a Christian nation.'

Openmindtodoubt 3 Jan 5

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I haven't heard of this guy before, but he has an excellent speaking style and is very eloquent. I've only heard 25 minutes so far but I'll be back for more. I do hope he's being heard in the places where it matters.


Harris is an excellent interviewer, make sure you check out The Waking Up podcast.

@Openmindtodoubt Hah..yeah, this is an interesting remix : )


Sam Harris gets attacked mercilessly by some, not just religionists, but also by some on the Left (the Regressive Left, so called) who think you can't criticise anybody's anything because if you do you are a bigot or racist or whatever. Nonsense. My own politics are very left, but not regressive left. Harris's critique of religion is strident, but reasoned and fair. In debate he is deadly. He will cut through to the central point, and expose religionists' ambiguities and inconsistencies brilliantly. There is no one I enjoy more in debate than Harris.


I love Sam Harris! So well spoken and has a talent for making his point in such a manner that even the most close minded people have to scratch their heads.


Sam Harris is great. I liked his book he wrote on why free will doesn't truly exist.


You'll probably also enjoy 'god is not great' by Christopher Hitchens,, 'the god delusion' by Richard Dawkins and most certainly 'waking up' by Sam Harris. Oh and one of my favourites is 'sacred cows' by Seth Andrews.

Dav87 Level 6 Jan 6, 2018

@openmindtodoubt It's great isn't it. a fantastic collection of interviews, there's so many great documentaries and lectures Dawkins has done over the years. Here's a lighthearted look at world beliefs you may well enjoy.


Thank you for the link! I will check this out.


I totally agree. It's one of my favourite atheist texts. Written as a passionate, I would say, appeal to believers. I like Sam Harris a lot, and I re read this every year.

Me, too! This was the first of his books I read. Found it from a public library in Louisiana, no less! 😮

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