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Religious impact nationwide

How much of an influence does religion play in your country?
What country? What religion?

Crimson67 8 Jan 6

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war on the poor , on drugs on the youth on crime all backed by overly pious people in the countryside of CANADA. in the cities we are generally free of their influence


Being born and raised in Puerto Rico but with parents in New York visiting them constantly. The island was pretty catholic... I attended private catholic school. I lived all my live knowing the possibility of a hurricane dismantling the island. Well it just happened and is as Horrid as could be in the worst nightmare. I wonder how much the psyche of those in the island has been destroyed and how faith plays a part in the getting back up effort. The island was not punished for abandoning god and religion. Maybe many of my islanders will leave dogma behind and find the light without fear of an avenging god. I can't pray for my island but I can be more resolved the caribbean always been in the path of hurricanes. Is location, location, location. Thank You for the question.


Religion has impacted our country horribly in the past few years. I'm an American, and Trump and the Religious Right have been trying to pass theocratic laws that run contrary to 250 years of jurisprudence and the Constitution itself.

reagan started it as usual to get votes. whoopsie !!


My Country New Zealand is lead by our female beautiful Prime Minister, who is openly Atheist, unmarried, no children, feminist, gay rights activist, supporter of legalizing cannabis and won't take any shit or be bullied by Donald Trump,and openly Atheist.

I may of blahed on about it in a couple of other threads, but the last census I saw for New Zealand 42% of people have no religion, another 10% is question unanswered, or didn't know, or religion of the Jedi. The rest is made up of Christian, Catholic, Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist, 2% other.
I don't know any religious people who are Christian or Catholic, though I do know Hindus and Muslims.
I never get a god bless you or a Im praying for you, or a weird look if I say I don't believe in god. Maybe it's just how and where I grew up and choose to live my life, others may have differing experiences.

I'm just very proud and happy to live in my country, it may only be small with 4 million people. But I love it

Sacha Level 7 Jan 6, 2018

I spent an adooooooooorable week in New Zealand. Auckland, Rotorua, Waitomo Caves....Lovely.

@splittingzero And don't forget unlike Australia we have no snakes, no poisonous spiders, no crocodiles or Alligators. Our police force don't carry guns on their person ( although I think they probably should) just in their cars.

Oh,man! I want some please! Thanks for that bit of education....i had no idea. That's why I love this community! ......infinite learning is here.

@splittingzero LOL No man eating ants either. Let me know what time your flight arrives, Dont bring your winter with you, its beach summer happiness at the moment.


I can only talk about my little world. I got 4 sisters, one is an ordained minister, another is a combatant foot soldier, the footsoldier was praying to god to kill nr 2 husband of another sister about 10 years ago... my sister husband just died out of sudden but it is husband nr 3... so my assumption is it takes about 10 years to god to respond to your prayers. I am sure the response time period may be different in different countries. 10 years response time for USA. i just heard the footsoldier husband health is not that good... bonus? ....or that was a different prayer altogether... Did my sisters started a prayer war? I am the only boy standing. This can't be good... need to hide in another country. pronto!!!


Far too much influence.

United States

The ones I view as most dangerous are the various iterations of fundamentalist evangelical christians, of which we have been inundated.


I am in California we are fairly liberal here. There are some very outspoken religious people here I do get Jehovah Witness coming to the door every once in a while. They don't stick around very long when I start asking them question about their faith and bible.


Evangelical Christianity has entirely too much power in our government (USA) especially considering our constitution expressly promotes the separation of church and state.


A big one in the US, and Xtianity.


The Church of England runs most schools in the UK so secular parents or parents of other faiths can find it difficult to undo damage done, luckily I was raised to question everything. There are also many religious people involved in our politics which has slowed progress in gay rights, and sex equality. Females that want to be in politics usually have to go through years of mental abuse to get anywhere, as for openly homosexual or transgender people who want to be in politics they are going to face a barrage of uproar all because of the dominant religious beliefs, it's sickening.

Dav87 Level 6 Jan 6, 2018

No the church of england doesn't run most schools in England, just some. There are plenty of catholic schools too, which people seem to think have better "discipline" and often try to get into even though they're not catholics. There are also plenty of muslim schools in big cities. But thankfully the majority of schools are non-religious. I'm a supply teacher so I see an awful lot of different schools. I stillfind it horrifying that my taxes go to such schools, and that I often have to sit through prayers in the staff room as well as in assemblies!

In fact I also disagree with most of the rest of what you say. Maybe it's different in the Isle of Wight.....

Thanks for your perspective. I never would have guessed that any church would be in charge of schools.


US, a lot.


Well in the States trump and pence are using religion to manipulate the Republican dominated Congress. All we can do is vote them out come November. Let's make some noise meanwhile.

I think it might have been building since Moral Majority but the Right despised Obama and hate has been released.

Jimmah Carter was the first candidate to expressly campain in Iowa churches 1974-1980. ....once that last Pandoras Box was opened ReaGUN Rethuglicans perfected theocratic scams pouring billions into elections Nixon only spent paltry trench coat and refrigerator filled with illegal million$


USA is suffering McCarthyism since the last 14 decades CRIMINAL THEOCRACY taxing all to fund religious leeches and brainwashing cults enabling rapist priests zionism and brutal sexual mutilation

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