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A interesting thought

I was thinking the other day that earth is a cricle in simple terms. The moon is. Also mars and so on. Why are they not a triangle or square? Astroids are kinda also. The earth was made when our solosyteam was very violent. They say the sun will turn into a white dwef once the star gets iron in it. I hope no one goes into outer space and put some iron in itšŸ˜‚. What do you all think about what iā€™m saying.

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Darknight10101 3 July 16

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Spinning and friction and gravity.


They aren't circles, they're spheres.

Carin Level 8 July 26, 2018

It's a fair question for those of us not familiar with astronomy. But what's with the two choices to vote on?


A triangle would be fun, but the lovely points would get smashed off very, very quickly. Just look at what happens to crackers in a backpack ...


....are you a conspiracy theorist flat earther?


Constant rotation with various asteroids meteors and such dinking against it over billions of years would turn anything into a round object

Gravity pulls all things into a round shape. Also the erosion of being blasted even with microscopic objects Hard to believe but all things are fluid and thus gravity reacts with everything over a long period of time.


Mass of the object in question. Planet definition includes, but is not limited to, having enough mass for gravity to cause a roughly spherical shape.

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