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Anybody not being able to click on comments?

It's 05:04am Houston time on a Sunday morning. I can't click on people and give them points. So far only 2 people i can give points to. Anyone else having this problem?

BucketlistBob 8 Jan 7

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Different levels get more privileges could explain.

Could be. I don't know though. I think level 8 is my vision. It's a long way to 9.


yeah its a glitch. just let admin know about it


you mean on like?I havent been able to like many things starting yesterday.

That's what i want to hear... thank you...thank you.

What's funny is that certain people are getting points when you hit the thumbs up.

@BucketlistBob it is inconsistent. It will register then disappear, sometimes it will stick

@btroje. Looks like it's working now.

@btroje. Lol... no it's not...

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