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QUESTION Why we don't have Free Will & Why that's OK - YouTube

Questions free will (or absense of) in 3 aspects: Physiology (e.g. choice to produce red blood cells, etc.), Emotions (e.g. how some studies show that physical changes in your body dictate the emotions you feel not the other way around, etc.) and Beliefs (e.g. environmental factors like what you read, who you hang out with, etc.).

Includes a very interesting Sam Harris clip in which he says: "... from the perspective of your conscious mind, you're no more responsible for your next thought ..."

SamKerry 7 Jan 7

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Thanks for sharing. Always new about Physiology but Emotions and Beliefs were new to me.

The study on how emotions are actually products of what our bodies are doing piqued my interest. (E.g. Increased heart rate, dilated pupils happens first before feeling euphoric when seeing a loved one, for example.) I have not heard of it before.

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