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I am looking for people who, like me, build robots... Anybody?

akchan 2 Jan 7

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I build steam engines,..... but I do it just up the road from you in Heckmondwike,...... close enough? 😉


I really, genuinely, honestly, build robots...or have in the past, but I suspect, there's more than one box to tick. Like your face a lot....


I have built parts of robots, AHRS and things, but never built a whole one and only for fun!


I would if I had the resources. Any ideas on re-utilizing things like floppy disk drives, cd drives, and printers?


Robots themselves are innocent. Their masters are another story.
In theory, robots would eliminate the monotony and redundancy of repetitive tasks; e.g. the supermarket typing in the cost off an item's price tag with bar code readers. Everything would be come more efficient, the shop owner would save money, everyone would be able to work less hours to produce the same results with less effort. Fewer hours, same efficiency, same pay.
Unfortunately, the store owner gets greedy, wants everybody to work as hard as they usually do. The efficiency becomes his additional profit.
I don't "build robots", but I do write software that reduces the drudgery of repetitive work. Yes, this does eliminate it, but who reaps the profit? Those who did drudge work now no longer have a job at all. Meanwhile, the CEO pays himself millions...

godef Level 7 Jan 8, 2018

I am not one. But definitely you can share videos of some of your creations. It will be fun.


I have done some of the board game programing, Konane, is one. I also like reading on the robotics things.


This year I've decided to bridge the gap from software into hardware and it's on my list to get into robotics. Would love any recommendations!


I'd love to see some photos of your robots. Any chance of uploading some, or giving us a link to a page where we can see them?

Jnei Level 8 Jan 7, 2018

Brains or chassis? Biometric or electric? Colossal or nano? I don't do it myself but do know some that do. My favorite is the nanobot from Star Trek for medical issues coming to fruition.



How about these guys?

Admin Level 8 Jan 7, 2018

Pretty flipping awesome! 😛

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