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Who here has seen a ghost?

Is there a time when you felt like you legitimately saw a split in realities?

DesideRat 2 July 20

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First define ghost.


Okay I'm back and I'm going to tell my other weird creepy I don't know what paranormal phenomena whatever story bare with me this one is a little odd. okay so I was hanging out with a friend in my room and I was fixing dinner. so we got our plates and we were going to go back into my room to watch TV or whatever and eat dinner. So when we got to the room I realized I forgot our drinks so I handed my plate to my friend and I went back into the kitchen to get our drinks. Now just to give you a little bit of background I've been dealing with some kind of mischievous "Loki" like entity in my house like forever. I don't know I call it the void because stuff always disappears into it and then i find it in odd places where i didn't leave it before. There's been always things happening here just to be clear. the house was built in 1939 who knows what the land was here before that so you know it's just spooky stuff going on. Anyway back to my story, so I returned with the drinks and we were supposed to sit on my bed and eat dinner but my friend is standing with our two plates and not chowing down and getting comfortable. So I asked them "what's wrong?" and they point to the bed. There on my bed in their spot was the biggest and most hellacious wet spot. Like the size of an extra large pizza it was huge and I was like what the fuck. So I looked to my friend expecting to see their pants soaked because they just pissed my bed. But nope their pants were dry as a bone I even looked at my pants just to make sure. There's no leak in the room there's no pipes over my bed, there wasn't a drink spill because I had the drinks in hand, they didn't pee the bed and neither did I. this is unheard of, a giant wet spot just manifesting out of nowhere. So I just blew it off I didn't know what happened, remember I'm the rational one right. I put down some towels and I call it a night. We're eating dinner we're chilling watching some TV. I get up to go to the bathroom and the back of my pants are fucking soaked. like I just sat on a freaking water balloon my butt and the back of my thighs were damp to say the least. i even checked my crotch to see if i really did pee myself this time. Nope dry, just the back of my pants was wet. So not only did a giant wet spot appear out of nowhere on my bed but it manifested another one underneath me and I didn't even know until i stood up. So I went online because I had a feeling that this was kind of weird. So I found a couple forums online that this has happened to other people that pools of liquid can manifest out of thin air anywhere and there was people that had experienced the same exact experience that I had. I was shocked i was actually right to be honest. I had never heard about ghosts and water much it hasn't happen since (i did get rid of the bed it happened on) so for a minute there i thought i was going crazy. i don't know, a haunted wetting bed? I actually have some more weird stories about my house I've lived here all my life and my mom and grandmother died here. my house is haunted af.


The bible is full of people seeing ghosts and other supernatural things. So if the Bible says it's true.......that's good enough for me.


IMO, you should ask, who here feels like they had an experience that some would interpret as ghost. Seriously, believing in ghosts is like believing in god or angels. Don't exist, but you may have an experience that poses some thought about a rational explanation.


I've had a lot of unexplained things happening around me in my lifetime. I don't know if it was a spirit or My Mind Playing Tricks on Me.


I've seen what I thought were ghosts and have had some pretty strange experiences that I believed were ghost related, at one time.

But it was also at a time when I believed all kinds of other nonsense. Now I trust there's some other explanation for what happened and how.

I still wonder, knowing I'm rational and also can't come up with any satisfactory explanations. I've never been drunk, I don't get high and all of these took place when I lived over a cemetery. It was easy for my mind to try to rationalize that maybe ghosts do exist.

I don't believe they do, but I love the spookiness related to what I can't explain.

Athena Level 8 July 20, 2018

You summed up my experiences and opinion.
I don't believe in them, but wouldn't it be neat if...


Now I'm a very rational person and when I was 9 years old I was a very rational kid. So after my grandmother died we turned her room into a storage room for her stuff. occasionally I would go into the room and dig in the boxes for books or what have you. Now this one time I went through the bathroom that was connected to her room and my room. So after I finished digging through a box I turned around and left and shut the door behind me to close the room in the bathroom. Now what happened I completely a hundred percent really happened to me. So after I close the door the door began to move back and forth making scratching noises like someone was on the other side trying to claw their way out. Nothing else just the door moving and scratching. Now as terrifying as that sounds it's not as terrifying when it's 2 in the afternoon on a Tuesday. Like I said I'm a rational person and I was rational child so of course thinking possibly one of my cats got locked into the room i bravely opened the door. no cat no nothing. So I shut the door again and it began to shake again and the clawing noise continued. And like any rational 9 yr old I threw my hands up and walked away. Now I tried and tried to replicate what happened I thought possibly there was insects inside the door like Mexican jumping beans, but to no avail I never could find out what caused that no explanation. i do have another story that's even weirder in the same house.

@JustLynnie u got it


One year after my dad died of cancer at age 51, our family had a reunion. We four kids all live in different states.

We all had the same dream in the year after Dad's death. In my (and my sibling's) dream:

At nght, I was sleeping in my grandparent's guest room, when Dad walked into the room.

"Dad, how can you be here?" I asked. You're dead."

"I will always be with you," Dad said.

"How can I know this is real?" I asked.

"Reach out your hand," he replied.

Just before touching Dad's outstretched hand, I awoke with tears on my face.

Lol, can I have your dealer's number? Must have been some good sh%t

I stopped smoking marijuana in January 1976, 2-1/2 years before my father died of cancer. I needed clear eyes and a clear mind for graduate school.

Have never taken any other illegal drugs.


All jokes aside, that's extremely commendable. You may also function on a much better level than others, assuming that you are a health nut. Any tobacco or alcohol?

Never smoked and never will. My chain smoking father died of cancer at age 51. He was an alcoholic.

In the third grade, I vowed never to be a smoker or alcoholic like my dad. I'm nothing if not determined.

Don't like alcohol because it dehydrates me and gives me a headache.



Thank you.

@LiterateHiker You're welcome! I can see what you're talking about, now. It looks like you retained a lot of your vitality by avoiding very common, but highly destructive compounds like alcohol, tobacco, etc.

Personally, I had a strong interest in alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, and xanax from 2009-2011, but being a fitness nut, the habits wouldn't stick. I only drink on special occasions and it's never, ever heavy. Tobacco literally gets me sick, so I don't mess with it.

Are you big on dieting, as well? I notice that you're much more lean and substantiated in constitution.

Thank you for your compliment. I've never been on a diet in my life. I have a classic Ectomorph body type. Look it up.

A Healthy Lifestyle

Since age 21, I have been regularly weightlifting, hiking, backpacking, running, swimming, downhill skiing, cross country skiing and stretching. Endorphins are addictive.

In 2017, I set a personal record by hiking 326 miles with 63,200 feet of elevation gain. Spectacular mountain vistas, high alpine lakes, white glaciers and jagged mountain peaks. Love it.

My mother was considered an exercise fanatic and a health nut. Mom raised us on low fat, healthy food. I took it to a new level. Thanks, Mom!

At age 22, my youngest sister got skin cancer. I was 27. That was a wakeup call and the last year I had a tan. Since then I have worn sunscreen every day, year-round, on my face and neck, and a wide-brimmed hat while hiking and gardening. That's why my skin looks good.

So, I have never smoked, avoid alcohol and never drink soda pop. Also, don't eat deep fried food, fast food, hamburgers, donuts or pizza: all the high fat, processed, sugary junk foods that Americans love. I enjoy organic fruits and vegetables as much as possible.

My dad died of cancer at age 51. I was 24. Immediately I eliminated from my diet preserved meats with cancer-causing nitrites and nitrates. Bacon, ham, pepperoni, salami, etc. Once a year, I enjoy a rib-eye steak when finding morel mushrooms in the spring. Sauté the morels with olive oil, butter and garlic: WOW!

Instead of buying processed food, I cook from scratch at home.

Bottom line: a healthy lifestyle gets results. Exercise and enjoy eating healthy, whole foods. Protect your skin from the sun. Drink lots of water. Be optimistic and upbeat. Have fun! It shows.


Lol, I know what an ectomorph is. High metabolism, highly developed nervous system, tall, lanky, small bones, lean, better with fine muscle rather than gross motor control. Ectomorphs are a strong physiognomy, and people with ectomorphism are blessed.

Somatotypes are an old way of interpreting character, Biotypes are more current and add more information. Characterology runs deep.

I have read over eight books on nutrition and fitness. It's a necessity to know why certain compounds are good and bad, and how much calories to allocate. It looks like both of us have also gained an extensive knowledge in the subject.

I also have a long history of working out that stretches twelve years, but it was on and off, and very scattered. It becomes a very tight juggle to time nutrients, get in the exact kind of training, etc. amidst schooling and work so I gave up on that. Plus, I kind of hate lifting weights and running. I want to make time to be a mixed martial artist, and just do that instead of being pretend-tough with a bunch of passive aggressive dudes in the gym.

However, the low fat diet isn't necessarily good. The body needs lots of fat for hormone production, and brain function, but of course saturated fats and trans-fats have to be highly regulated.

I personally diet to have absolutely no processed sugar, very little saturated fat, no artificial preservatives, no excess salt/sodium, and only as much beef as my nerves will take.

The thing about dieting is that what is good for some parts of the body is not necessarily good for the whole body. So one diet may help a person have a better body fat ratio or whatever, but that same diet can be bad for the glands, the brain, etc. A person has to figure out their proper configuration, hence why I don't like beef. Beef has a lot of creatine, is a highly bioavailable protein, and is good for male hormones because of the zinc and fat content, but it's not good for brain health.

So my protein intake comes from eggs, whey, turkey, chicken, milk, yogurt, and cheese. Can't do the beef. (Not that I feel bad, beef-eating seems to correlate with being a human packmule)


My protein mostly comes from nuts, eggs, whey, turkey, chicken, milk, yogurt, and cheese.


Meh nut protein isn't very bioavailable. Nuts are great for regulating calories, though. Almonds are a good source of b-vitamins, which should be in everyone's vitamin regime for their amazing nerve and brain supporting powers.

Peanuts actually don't have a good track record for brain health. (source: The Brain Diet by Dr. Alan C. Logan)

One time I bought some raw organic peanuts from some dude who grew them. I swear I had his nuts in my mouth for a good four minutes, while I rolled them around on my tongue. Some liquid leaked out the side of my mouth, too. He had the juiciest, most firm and delicious nuts I ever put down my throat.


I did once, along with a bus tying itself in knots and cartoon rabbits beating people up. Let's just say I wouldn't have been classed as a reliable witness that day 😉

Salo Level 7 July 20, 2018

Think Elvis has been reincarnated and copied hundreds of time his ghost haunts Los Vegas Nevada.

azzow2 Level 9 July 20, 2018

I had felted a spirit or a spirit has felted me... there are no goody ghosts... those are the rabid bad ones... do I know what I am talking about? Most likely no.... I but if your essence that many dismiss here that there is no soul... leave your body and can not comeback and so you die... maybe you stick around for a little bit... maybe you don't. I could swear I felt presence. People had told me about movement in shadows and light. If possible I will like to stick around to watch my kids. Not interested in telling anyone or pointing to were the bodies are buried or who really did it. We know so little about the other side... Only thing is I never saw anyone returning to tell us what they found over there. Could be another plane not available to us. But the Rift there is always a Rift.

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