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Greatest living atheist debater right now?

I'd have to say Richard Dawkins...any thoughts?

JohnDublin 4 July 21

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Not really a debater but the work of Steve Shives (an atheist reads) are well worth your time.
This is an example of dozens of his discussions as he page by page debunks Christian Apologetics books


Dawkins is Obsessives about Religion says Steven Hawking's.

Last few years I actually enjoy listening to Seth Andrews . Christianity made me talk like an idiot.

Great voice, informative and entertaining.

Good call, I forgot to mention him. Love his podcasts.


I agree that Richard is one of the best, but there quite a few others I like as well.
Sam Harris.
Matt Dillahunty.
PZ myers. (not sure if I spelled that right).


I personally like Richard Carrier and Sam Harris. Both are rational and don’t get flustered or angry when rebutted.


You're probably right. I like the new guys too.


anyone willing to stand up and be counted especially when it might put their life n danger deserves some recognition

weeman Level 7 July 21, 2018

Yes in a lot of countries... the cost for speaking up on this subject could be jail time... or a person might disappear!


Atheist do call Dawkins their Champion.
Also call him fundamentalist atheist.

@JohnDublin you're describing the noun definition. The adjective is defined as anyone adhering to any discipline strictly to it's fundamentals.

@JohnDublin I disagree. It can refer to a person's strict adherence to a movement's principles. Political, for example. What's more, I have met and known atheists who are dogmatic in their views. While I agree that atheism is not a religion, it is not immune to such trappings.

Atheism is protected under the US Government as a Religion

Make little sense to me. Government can do anything they want , like God.


Toss-up. Sam Harris and Matt Dillahunty.

Were Bertrand Russell still alive he would win.

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