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Have you ever participated in Valentine's Day?

Every year I groan through the holidays, happy when they are over, and then bam, Valentine's Day. It's just annoying to me that people find this one day to romanticize-- give and receive gifts, AGAIN, for a religious martyr. I've never really understood participation in this, even during my younger years. Also, public schools still have young children participate in the ritual of giving and receiving cards to all classmates to celebrate, and from what I understand, they are referencing a saint. I suppose it's a fact that religion teaches this as part of their history, but I am curious as well what any educators here teach. If at all.

MyLiege 7 Jan 8

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I think Valentine's day was invented by a capitalist. Come to think of it all of the major holidays seem to cause the masses to spend money.


Yes. We would have a delightful feast and then passionately make love in memory of St Valentine. Sorry wrong comment for this site.


Does a massacre count?
I loathe Valentine day and Halloween, just more hallmark occasions. My family however has a deep connection to Valentines Day. The pope gave Valentines bones to a rellie of mine in the 1800s/ A bit of trivia.
Another bit of trivia, but schools here have now banned giving of valentines cards.


Nothing until the Hallmark card co. Made it a thing. Who can argue with a religious holiday where you're supposed to get laid?


It's only for people in relationships and so people who aren't are left out.

To make up for this, I celebrate Al Capone day instead.


The days after are better!!!
Discounted CHOCOLATES!!!


Did not know that @MyLiege. During serious relationships have received cards, candy and once a poem. Remember making Valentines in school or buying them for the class and distributing them to classmates or their Valentine holders.


I believe in celebrating Valentines day on a truly random day in February, other than the 14th. Just literally show up a week early or a week late with flowers and candy(always do it on the early side for the first 2 years you're with someone). No lines, no waits and surprise adds to romance.

Nice sweet idea.


Cupid hand made cards and candy is better than Halloween costumes with buckets of sugar to rot teeth for a week


I continue to participate because I like getting gifts and being showed that someone actually likes me. LOL. And to show that I love my family. I don't recognize or think about this saint when doing so either. I just like getting candy. And eating it all in one go! Hahaha


Never thought of it in that way.
Most people use it to show love and affection.
To me, that is a daily thing.


I never really thought of it with religious connotations. It was just a day to celebrate love. I went to public school and it was never associated with religion.

I never say no to chocolate. 😉

Betty Level 7 Jan 8, 2018

Bingo... because it ain't, last century wasn't either.


It's like remembering your old aunt or uncle or neighbor on xmas day and forgetting them the rest of the year, sheer hypocrisy! Besides, like xmas day it is full of advertising hype to get people to part with their money.
Personally, if you love someone then everyday is a good day to tell that person that you love him or her.


I here you... I still have to buy my wife one to brighten up her day. I'm like you on all of the above. I don't believe and my wife I've got to compromise or I'll hurt the lady I love. It's a continuing circle. We have Mardi gras after this then we have Controband days. Hmmm. We celebrate John lafete taking over our town and making the mayor walk the it's just one thing after another.


When I was a kid, I had no clue as to the origin of the day. It was just about love and candy. It's still pretty much the same thing now. Another greeting card holiday.


Something I realized is that hormones have no religion. So any excuse is good excuse for the juices of romance to flow. Just like xmas is no longer about a baby.... valentine is no longer about a saint.

I agree both occasions are very commercialized.

@Betty Capitalism

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